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Nowadays mobile phone has become like another hand for humans. It is very difficult to pass a day without a mobile. When it comes to privacy, mobile phones are the ones that deal with lots of secured and private data. The identity of a person can be easily guessed if you know their android phone’s password.

Your email, password, and other secure data are straightforward to find out. And many people get those data and will sell them to another person. So, a hacker or a thief can quickly obtain a whole identity of a person. This is the important reason that many people use android encryption techniques to safeguard their android phones. But the question is, are these encryption methods are useful?. Well, in this article, we will see how our privacy is posed to a dangerous threat in this contagious world. And also about the modern techniques to secure your private data on your mobile phone. So without any delay, let’s get into the discussion.

Some good old techniques

The following methods are the most exciting ones, and it is still used by almost 95% of the people, they are pattern, password, and pin. These security providing mechanisms are used by many people, as they restrict any third party person to access their mobile phone. Many people use face scanners, fingerprints, and sensors to ensure privacy. But these so-called modern method has also lost its value in front of advanced hackers and hacking techniques.

The most important source of data is “us,” yes! We are the one who keeps posting all our updates on social media. And these data will also be used by everyone who is watching and stalking you. In these cases, no security mechanism will help us, from our data being distributed throughout the world. Another fact is that by providing the security mechanism like password, pattern, and pins, we can only stop normal stalkers, but what about hackers? These are the skilled person and expertise in looking into people’s privacy.

The alternative method for Android Privacy

So, now the question is, how can we protect our information and at the same time, how can we enjoy all the perks of internets?. The only solution is we can use a VPN ( Virtual Private Network)there are many VPN services recommended for Androidon installing a VPN software on your android device it creates an end to end tunnel between the sender and the receiver. When data enters the tunnel, it gets encrypted, and at the receiver end, the encrypted data gets decrypted. In this way, no hacker can hack your data, and your privacy will be ensured. It also hides a person’s true identity and location on the internet from the service provider and even to the third party members. We have to on the VPN and start our usual process; the VPN software will be running in the background; it does not require any other additional process.

Best VPN for Android 

There are actually many VPNs are available for Android phone, it is totally up to our preference in choosing the best VPN for your mobile. The basic features that a VPN should have are user-friendly, and all the things should be as hassle-free as possible. Here we will see some of the best-reviewed VPNs for Android mobile phones.

Express VPN is one such VPN which offers excellent speed, and it is also well-designed VPN for a mobile app. The Express VPN app has unique location picking facility, AES 256- bit encryption methods and many other good features. The only drawback of this VPN is that it does not provide you Kill switch option. Another most positively reviewed VPN is the Nord VPN; it gives you a double data encryption mechanism, good performance, and user-friendly options. This app is considered as the most basic VPN app by the people, but still, it has a wide range of useful features.

Wrapping Up

Well, in this article, we have seen how encryption works and the best method to secure the data in your android mobile phone. The best method VPN is also discussed here, which offers the encryption, kill switch, location hiding, and many other essential features for your device.

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