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Mico MotoMod with Solar Charging Going to Launch on 5th February

​Last year Moto launched there first ever modular Smartphones under ‘Z’ series, named as Moto Z, Moto Z Force (Verizon exclusive) and Moto Z Play. Both Moto Z and Z Play was launched in India with the price tag of Rs.39999 and Rs.24999 respectively. The key point of both phones are the Motomods. You can simply attach various Motomods at the back of the phone very easily. There are some mods available in the market, those are 10x optic zoom camera mod, battery mod with 2600mah capacity, JBL speaker mod and instashare projector mod. Moto also launched a contest in which various developers can design there own Motomods and then out of all, one mod will be selected and they will give the developer a price money of 10 Million. There’s one company who designed two Motomods, ‘Mico Mod’ and ‘Wireless Mod’. In this article, we will talk about ‘Mico Mod’. So what’s the feature of this Mod ? Let’s find out.



This Mico Mod is like the earlier battery mod with 2200mah battery, but this time this new mod can be charged with Solar power. That means just place the mod in direct sunlight & that’s it. After it will be charged fully, you can attach this with your phone and start or continue your day.


There’s another accessory similar to and comes with Mico Mod but as I said it’s an ‘Accessory’, so it can’t be attached to the phone. It’s called ‘Snap-Panels’. It’s like an emergency power bank that have type C output. That means it can charge any moto mod and any smartphone with USB type C port (As seen in the photos below). These Snap-Panels have a capacity of 1000 mAh.


Both will launch on 5th February and Indiegogo, the company who is designing the mods, will give 20% discount to the first 100 buyers. No information about the pricing of the Mod as of now, but expect it to be priced on an higher side. And by the way the Snap-Panel will cost extra. Stay tuned with us for more information regarding Mico Mod as well as Wireless Mod.


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