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OnePlus 6 To Come With In-display Fingerprint Sensor, But The Launch Period Might Change!!!

If we talk about OnePlus’s history of fingerprint sensor, till OnePlus 5 it’s placed on the front, but with OnePlus 5T it’s moved to the back. Now it’s December & we have a rumour about OnePlus 6 in terms of the fingerprint sensor. Wait, OnePlus 6 ? But it will launch in summers, right? So why I am talking about OnePlus 6 now? Well, today we have two new rumours about the same. So let’s clear the confusion.


According to a recent leak, OnePlus will launch their upcoming earlier this year. Instead of June, they are planning to launch OnePlus 6 in March. That’s too early if we compare to previous track records of OnePlus. The launch will take place in the middle of March, while the phone will go on sale from end of the March. If this will really happen, then OnePlus will surely loose it’s fans who recently purchased or going to purchase OnePlus 5T.


But we were talking about the fingerprint sensor right ? So coming back to that topic, the same source says that this upcoming OnePlus 6 might have fingerprint sensor underneath the display. Well it’s surely a new technology to checkout and better placement than back, according to many people. The front fingerprint sensor is idol position for many smartphone users. So it would be much easier for the consumers to use this in-display fingerprint sensor, and the OEMs will also get more space for making the phone more bezel-less.


Apart from these two leaks, the source also says that the phone will come with Snapdragon 845 processor, which is not the matter of surprise as OnePlus generally gives latest hardware in their smartphones.


So that’s all the information we have as of now. What are your thoughts on both these rumours ? Are you happy with the decision of OnePlus by launch the phone this early ? & Do you agree that OnePlus 6 is going to be one of the early smartphone to have fingerprint sensor underneath the display. Do share your thoughts in the comments below. Also stay tuned with us for more information.
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Source: Gizmo China

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