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10 Most Popular Android App Development Frameworks for Mobile Apps

Mobile phones have nowadays become the easiest way into the digital world. The future of mobile is the future of the online world thanks to the 80% plus contribution of mobile phone in global internet traffic. Mobile Apps are the way how people access online content now. The drastic shift from websites to mobile applications has quite an impact on the industry.

With more than 3 million mobile applications on Google Play, the Android operating system leads the overall landscape. Since its introduction, Android has flourished many businesses and laid the foundation for many startups, android app development company, and enterprises.

So if you are a beginner or even a professional developer working in an android app development company, one question that always strikes your mind would be “What is the right framework for android app development”? Well, that is a tricky question indeed and looking at the steady increase in the number of programming languages and frameworks for both Android as well as iOS has made it into a difficult choice.

For those developers, beginners who are tired of scratching their head around. Here are the 10 Most Popular Android App Development Frameworks for Mobile Apps


It one of the most widely used open source mobile development framework. It is used for developing both android and ios application that is it is a cross-platform development framework, licensed under  MIT license. It is a useful tool to build highly interactive mobile apps using CSS, HTML5, and SASS. The HTML5 helps in building hybrid apps as well. Without a doubt, it is one of the best assets for the development of the Progressive Web Apps. It is also compatible and works well with other powerful software such as the Angular, PhoneGap and Cordova.

Appcelerator Titanium

It is an integral part of the Appcelerator platform, consisting of all the tools a developer required to create an awesome application. The Titanium framework is preferred by people who are familiar to JavaScript. The Titanium framework uses the functionalities of JavaScript to call functions of the operating system through APIs. This provides applications incomparable performance as well as native look and feel.

Titanium has a Visually-Oriented App Development Process. It has pre-built blocks of code which are accessed by dragging and dropping functions. Titanium provides you with two options for development eighter by coding or with the help of visual effects. Code less, Save time.

Titanium has a higher level of agility and flexibility. It drastically speeds up the process of app development. It significantly reduces the large block of codes to a few lines which can be completed in just a few hours.


It is an application development framework developed by the same team that developed Apache Cordova. So if you are good a Cordova then you can easily shift to PhoneGap. It is a Cordova distribution with many more tools and plugins thrown in. It is also a cross-platform development framework and can be used to develop an application that can be run on all the android devices.

Some of its intriguing features are

  • It works effectively on JavaScript, HTML5,and CSS3
  • It is integrated with various libraries to augment app development
  • It allows the development of Android applications with lesser time and efforts
  • It helps developers amplify the functionality of the application with the help of plug-ins.
  • Strong tool for creating apps without any special skill set

It is widely used and preferred by developers working in big development firms, startups and android app development company.


This a framework launched by the Tech giant Google in 2019. It is primarily released to create applications for Google Fuchsia. However, it can also be used to create an android as well as its applications.

Flutter is an open source development framework written in dart language which is also released by Google. Dart has a C-style syntax, which is easy to use, learn and understand. It is very convenient for developing cross-platform apps.

Most probably Flutter is one of the most advanced frameworks that are available. It makes use of the 2D furnish engine called Skia to develop the visuals. It is also much easier to test your project in Flutter and you don’t have to restart your project if there is any mistake. It is new, so it mostly preferred by students, beginners or for testing purposes.


Unity is a cross-platform development framework developed by unity technologies. It is majorly used to develop 2D and 3D games. Combined with C#, it is perfect to start with android app development for beginners. It has an IDE similar to Android Studio.

Here are the reasons why it is preferred by a lot of developers and Android app development companies looking for a good game development framework.

  • Easy and Simple setup
  • Create a positive player experience
  • Introduce rewarded video ads without interrupting gameplay
  • Give gamers a motivation by offering them rewarded video ads

JQuery Mobile

It is an HTML5 based development framework. The unique thing about this framework is that it can run on all the platforms with a single version of the code. It is so versatile that you can use it for developing both mobile apps as well as websites and get extensive supports for all types of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Firefox, Kindle, etc.

Native Scripts

One of the best framework for the development of Android apps.  It was originally conceived and developed by Progres. Now Telerik, a Bulgaria based software company supports this framework. NativeScript apps are built using JavaScript or any other language that transpires to JavaScript.


Apache developed this framework using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Applications are a natural extension of web pages, this was the basis of the origin of Cordova. It can be used to develop a multi-purpose platform by a single version of the code. It is primarily designed to develop online apps, but it also provides support for offline applications that is desktop apps.


It is a cross-platform application development framework. It is sponsored by JetBrains and Google via the Kotlin foundation. It is a statically typed, general-purpose language which is interoperable with Java. Unlike Cordova, due to type inference, its syntax is very concise.

Since Google is the official supporter of Kotlin for mobile app development. It is also included in Android Studio version 3.0 as an alternative to standard java compiler. This makes Kotlin popular even among die-hard Java fans.


It is one of the most popular framework for Android app development and is already used by more than 1.5 million users globally. It is majorly preferred by developers using C#, who wants to develop an android application without jumping into java. It provides mobile app developers with a complete set of C# code base to develop native apps for Android.


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