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10 Technologies that Each Programmer Should Learn in 2020

There are more and more technologies appearing in our world right now that it gets hard to figure out what you should pay attention to. A team of programming experts from (a coding homework service with years of experience in doing programming assignments of any complexity) are ready to provide you with the guide on the best 10 technologies you should start learning. Find the best career path for you now!

Top 10 Technologies You Should Consider Learning in 2020 

Are you looking for the best technologies that would help you start a new career and learn something new? Here, we have gathered the top technologies that you should look into in 2020. If you are ready to improve your knowledge and skills, here is a guide on modern technologies you should study: 

  1. Internet of Things. These days, we are surrounded by smart home devices and machines. It is impossible to imagine our lives without technology. Internet of Things covers all these connections between devices as well as how they work and what can be done to organize them in a proper manner. Security systems, cars, thermostats, speakers, alarms, electronics appliances, as well as many other things are examples of IoT.
  2. Machine learning. It is one of the applications of AI that is capable of providing a system with an ability to learn and improve from the previous experiences. The main goal of this technology is to teach computers how to learn without human intervention or help. There are specific algorithms in machine learning that are usually called supervised and unsupervised. 
  3. Artificial intelligence. Isn’t it incredible how machines can learn similarly to humans?  AI is referring to the simulation of human minds and actions. AI technology has a goal to achieve a perfect situation in which the AI would be able to rationalize as humans do. 
  4. Python.  Python is one of the most popular languages, and it keeps getting more and more popular. Many companies are looking for programmers who know Python and can use this language to write clear code. Learning it won’t take a lot of time, so if you are not sure where to start, Python would be a good choice for you. It is a great language for both beginners and more experienced developers. 
  5. React. This is an open-source JS library that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. It’s most commonly used for managing the view layer for web and mobile apps as well as to work on the reusable UI components. In a few words, it is a front-end library that helps you create websites and specific parts of a user interface. 
  6. Deep learning. It is a special technology that’s used to teach computers to learn by examples. Deep learning can be called a subfield of machine learning. This technology has a huge potential since it is capable of preventing accidents on the road. For example, it can be used in cars that will detect pedestrians on the road and will be able to stop the vehicle before anything tragic happens. Deep learning is similar to the way our brain works. 
  7. Blockchain. This is the system of recording different types of information in a way that would make it impossible to hack or get access to. As you probably already know, it is used for cryptocurrencies.
  8. Cybersecurity. In the modern age, it is important to take care of any data and make sure that no one gets access to it unless permitted. Cybersecurity is one of those fields where new developers are always in demand. It is a profitable and interesting job with many career prospects. Many big companies are looking for specialists in cybersecurity, so why not try it? Check out a few courses and articles to see if this is what interests you. 
  9. Edge computing. Edge computing optimizes internet devices and transforms the whole way in which data is processed, handled, and delivered from millions of different devices around our world. Because of IoT, edge computing became another important trend that programmers should pay attention to. Edge computing allows devices to bring data storage closer to the devices where it’s being collected other than using any central systems for gathering it that might be located very far away. 
  10. Analytics. This field relies mostly on statistics and computer programming. In the modern world, this is one of the most important disciplines because it allows businesses to analyze the market and find out in which ways the business can attract more customers and become more appealing. You don’t even need to be a coder to study analytics or to work in this field, but having some experience would be useful. 

Choose the Best Technologies to Study in 2020

There is a huge variety of many different technologies that keep evolving and improving. It can be first hard to decide which one you should focus on. This is why you should first determine what kind of field you are interested in as well as which changes you would like to make in the future. Ask yourself: are there any projects that I would like to work on? What would I like to create? 

It might take some time and a few brainstorming sessions, but it is definitely worth it. As a result, you will be able to find an interesting technology that would open even more opportunities and career prospects for you. 


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