5 Fintech Companies to Keep an Eye on in 2021

5 Fintech Companies to Keep an Eye on in 2021

Fintech companies have been making their mark on the finance industry for a little while now. From digital payment platforms to identity verification platforms, here are some of the top fintech companies making tech-driven changes in the industry.


With the motto, “don’t just buy crypto – start earning on it,” BlockFi is changing the way investors are looking at their digital portfolios. Set up specifically with crypto investors in mind, this fintech lets users earn interest on their digital currencies, borrow money, as well as buy and sell crypto. In fact, putting crypto in a BlockFi Interest Account can earn users up to 8.6% APY, which is accrued on a daily basis and paid monthly. 

FinTech Collective

An oldie but a goodie, FinTech Collective has helped to fund dozens successful startups since it was first established in 2012. Some of FinTech Collective’s areas of focus include asset management, lending, cyber investment and banking. The company also works with organizations across the globe to facilitate fundraising. 

The startups that have used FinTech Collective’s services include Anyfin, MoneyLion, Contabilizei and Embroker.


AirWallex is a “business account built for the modern business.” The B2B company provides a range of money-saving services. Some of these include convenient and cheap cross-border payments and foreign currency accounts. Plus, AirWallex can issue on-the-spot virtual payment cards via their online platform.

The year 2020 was a good one for AirWallex, with a 50 percent increase in its consumer base and an 100 percent increase in net revenue in the last quarter of the year. “A major shift in the way businesses operate from offline to online is something AirWallex predicted from our inception,” said AirWallex’s co-founder, Jack Zhang.


N26 is a Berlin-based personal finance fintech company that lets you “manage your bank account, spend and set money aside in real-time.” The free bank account comes with a virtual and physical debit Mastercard, which can be used in ATMs, online and in stores.

According to Sabrina Weißhaus from the mobile-based company is currently one the biggest competitors of traditional banks. “Years ago, fintech companies such as N26 were not taken seriously by the industry. Today. N26 has over 2.5 million customers with over €1 billion in their accounts.”


Onfido helps businesses onboard users and reduce fraud by facilitating online identity verification. The fintech company utilizes the latest AI to verify identity in the digital world, and help you “grow your business securely.”

Onfido does this by analysing biometrics and verifying the results with a government-issued card. This, in turn, enables institutions to carry remote verifications that are both quick and secure. 

“We’re standardizing the way everyone proves their real identity, in a similar way to how Facebook has standardized the way everyone shares their social identity, and LinkedIn has standardized the way everyone signals their professional identity,” said Onfido’s CEO, Husayn Kassai.

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