Starting a new life in college or university is not easy. You will have to live on a tight budget and will have to manage a lot of things alone. Investing in some tech devices like smart notebook can help you live through this time.

5 Gadgets and Tech Devices Every College Student Needs

One cannot survive without gadgets these days. You have to be tech savvy if you want to add comfort to your life. Why? Because the modern day gadgets aim at making your life easier. As students, you might be fooled into thinking that the tech devices cannot bring you any peace. And that services like the Spectrum Triple play are the only survival tools that you need. Well, you are absolutely wrong. That is nothing but a very clichéd concept. Introduce yourself to these gadgets and see how your college life becomes easier.

Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

This gadget allows you to take notes as you would with a pen and paper in your hands. Nothing new about that. However, only after you take notes, you will realize the difference.  You will be able to translate your notes into a digital form, thanks to the Evernote app. All you have to do is take a picture of your notes that you took from your smartphone camera. You will have to use Evernote’s page camera for this purpose and wait for the magic to happen. Once you are done, the notes will get a store in the app where you will get access to a plethora of options. These include organizational options as well as stickers that allow you to tag your notes. You can later access these notes from any device you wish.

Fitbit One

Students often seem to lose track of their sleeping pattern and hours. It is very important to take a good sleep. A sufficient amount of sleep is anywhere between six and eight hours. And if you do not get this amount of sleep, you will feel lethargic and frustrated, among many other things. This will have an adverse effect on your studies as you will not be able to focus well in the class. If you think you are someone who cannot keep a track of his sleeping pattern, invest in Fitbit One. The gadget not only tells you how long you sleep but also how well you sleep. It is important to get quality sleep and Fitbit One guides you regarding your sleeping habits and informs you if you need to improve them.

Portable Hard Drive

Think of the depression it will bring to you if you learn that the 2,000-word essay that you wrote in a night’s time got lost from your system. The worst scenario would be losing your essay on the day of submission. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to invest in a hard drive. It saves all your important data including your pictures, presentations, and essays. You can access them whenever you wish to. The problem with saving everything on the laptop or desktop is that these systems can crash at any time. And if they do, you will lose all your data. Therefore, adopt the habit of backing up work regularly. Invest in a portable hard drive. It will always come in handy.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Nothing distracts the students more than unnecessary noises from around. These noises would not let you concentrate on whatever assignment you are about to complete. Or whatever you are trying to study. You will always feel distracted and this will affect your studies. You will not be able to submit the best of assignments. And you will often find it hard to retain information because the noise will make it impossible for you. But you do not have to worry about that. You can now buy noise-canceling headphones for yourself. So, invest in one and immerse yourself in work. The students residing in college accommodations would need them the most.

Smart Speaker

There are many advantages to investing in a smart speaker. It won’t just help you to Google stuff easily through just your voice. But it will also help you to order food for yourself with much ease. Some of the most popular smart speakers that you can choose from include Amazon Echo, Sonos One and Google Home. These speakers can even switch on and off the lights for you, in case you are all in after a day’s work at the college. Hence, making it a worth-it investment.


Final Words

Apart from these packages, you will also need to subscribe to a good Internet connection for timely submission of assignments and for carrying out all the research. Choose from Spectrum packages or the like to one that best suits your budget. Because as a student you won’t have enough funds to live a luxurious life. Therefore, opt for things that are reasonably priced but efficient at the same time.


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