5 Good Reasons To Become A Software Developer
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5 Good Reasons To Become A Software Developer

Working as a software developer is now one of the most up-and-coming jobs today because of the influx of technology. If you are naturally gifted with excellent computer skills and expertise, then this job is the right one for you; what’s a better job than to work while doing something that you love.

If you are leaning towards a career as a software developer, there are more good reasons why you should continue on this path:

  • Every day is a new experience

Every day in your workplace will always be a new experience; there is no monotony in your job. Hence, you can bring yourself away from any position that will make you feel bored, or that you are stuck in a routine. Since there is always something new to learn in the job every day, you are also helping your mind grasp new lessons, which exercises your brain.

For example, today’s trends in technology have seen a rise on how organisations are focusing on cloud-based security platforms, it means that there is more importance and weight on cyber security. This trend was previously unheard of before. Hence, you get to learn a new thing in your job every day.

This exposure to new experiences is something that is highly beneficial to you, as you can maximize your skills and potential, and hone your knowledge more.

  • You will learn to solve problems better

Your job as a software developer will expose you to a lot of complex problems that you should analyze and solve. More than just learning the nitty-gritty details relating to computers, and the like, your experience with handling problems is also something that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

From the problem exposure and training in your job, you will also learn how to approach problems critically, where you eventually end up making better and sound decisions.

  • It pays well and is in high demand

Let’s face it, the truth is that most of the workforce today, and even students that are still confused with what career path to take, look for a job that pays well. Money is always a big factor when you search for a job because there are bills to pay, and you may have a family to raise. It is often very difficult to find yourself happy in a job, or giving your best when your salary is not enough to meet your needs.

As a software developer, you can have the assurance that you will enjoy a competitive salary. If you search for the details of a software developer job on Upskilled, you will find that the demand and the pay are all relatively high.

  • You learn how to be an effective team player

“No man is an island”, and no man works alone. In a technology-based job, it is essential for you to learn how to relate to others and how to be a good team player. As a software developer, you are exposed to these types of challenges. Remember, you are not only dealing with yourself, you will also find yourself in many instances where you have to collaborate with teammates or other co-software developers, and even with your clients.

Hence, your job gives you a chance to practice being a part of a team, rather than solving problems and working on your own; this can actually help your social skills greatly.

  •  You can work from home or remotely

Your job as a software developer will not entail for you to be in an office like an 8 to 5 job does. You can work from home, and do all the work that is expected from you in your own house, as long as you have the necessary tools and gadgets for it.

With this, you can enjoy a better balance with your work and personal life, as you will no longer have to sacrifice so much time and exert great effort to get yourself to work daily.


Remember that before making a choice, the most important thing for you to carry, apart from skill, is your love for the job. No matter how drawn you are towards becoming a software engineer, if you are only looking for that opportunity to earn more, you will never reach your full potential, and you will never be able to put your whole heart into it. Working as a software developer takes a lot of hard work, patience, and will also eat up a lot of your time, hence, you must really love what you do.

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