5 Smart Home Tech Must-Haves In 2019

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All of us deserve to live a more comfortable life. Thanks to the kind of technology available nowadays, we can now enjoy our time at home without stressing about how to run the house and finish our chores without breaking our backs and our banks. Whether you’re looking for the best smart gadgets for your new house or wants the best addition to your home, here are five smart kitchen must-haves that every smart home should have.

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Digital Indoor Thermometers

Indoor thermometers & hygrometers are first on the list because they provide accurate temperature, humidity, and water vapor reading. You no longer need to guess how humid a room is in your home or what the temperature is with a reliable indoor thermometer. With just the right humidity and temperature, you can have a better quality of rest and sleep, alleviate your physical discomfort, prevent the growth of molds and bacteria and even increase work productivity.

Virtual Voice-Controlled Assistants

No smart home is complete without an assistant to automate your home and complete your tasks with ease. When we hear voice assistants, we first think smartphone apps. However, we now have smart home devices that have general knowledge, can complete a wide range of tasks and can automate your home. Now, you can turn off the lights, play music, answer most of your questions and even do your online shipping for you. It takes many tasks off your plate, letting you enjoy your stay at home.

Indoor Security Camera

There is nothing like a safe home. However, indoor cameras aren’t only meant to keep your homes safe. They are excellent gadgets to keep an eye not only on your property but also your loved ones. If you have an elderly, a young family member or a lovable pet who stays back home, this is the perfect help you need to keep an eye on them at all times. Did you know that these can also help authorities in case of theft or other cases?  Also, owning a more advanced security system can get you huge discounts when it comes to homeowners insurance.

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Smart Bulbs

You read that right! Smart bulbs now exist, and they are more than just LED bulbs. They are lights you can control and schedule and automate thanks to its internet connectivity features. Some are even made available with built-in cameras, presence-sensing capabilities, and speakers. Now that is one smart light bulb.

Smart Fridges

Who says fridge doesn’t have to be smart? With a fast-growing market and their amazing features, it is now tough to ignore them. One has a transparent LCD touchscreen that tells you what ingredient is missing, lets you leave a note and set food expiration dates so you can track your food items with ease. It has the ability to remotely check the contents of your fridge as you can share shopping lists from your phone and the smart fridge.

Statistics show that millions of smart home devices were sold in 2017 alone. Don’t let these beautiful innovations pass by without you getting to enjoy them to the fullest. The next time you go shopping, don’t forget to include some on your shopping list. Live better and comfortably with these smart home gadgets – cause every home deserves to be smart.