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5G is officially announced and it also has a logo

Well 4G is becoming trend, and smartphone manufacturers launching new devices with the connectivity of VoLTE. In the meantime, 3GPP cellular standard group has officially announced next generation of cellular data networks, it will be referred as 5G and it also has a logo.



The adoption of new name and logo is really a great decision by the 3GPP cellular standard, especially for the normal person because different carriers use different names for the 4G connectivity. In 2011 we were familiar with the name 4G LTE, then it called LTE advanced, LTE advanced pro. It confused if you are a person out of the tech world, the logo is designed to look similar to the various LTE logos and it also shows a consistent evolution of the product.



The 5G technology is still far away to roll out, the first phase of the 5G specification due sometime in late 2018, and the exact definition has not been finalized. Well it’s not a big surprise, because still there is lots of time.


So, let’s wait for 5G. What’s your thoughts about the 5G??? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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