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6 Criteria for Choosing the Best Hosting for WordPress

Choosing the best hosting for WordPress is not that easy. In this article, we are going to show you what you need to look for in a good WordPress Hosting Company

  1. Do not mess with the little-known and illegal hosting.

It is better to work with large hosting companies that have a legal entity. They usually have a settlement account, a license to operate, the physical address of the office, round-the-clock English-language technical support, toll-free telephone numbers and other means of operational communication. If they are new company, you have to make sure that their support is responsive.

You need to understand that an unscrupulous admin of an illegal server at one point may simply pull it out of the socket and disappear along with your prepayment and sites. Usually happen in $1 hosting or FREE hosting company. They will also forget any responsibility they have.

  1. Choose a suitable pricing for your project.

The hosting choice depends a lot on the purpose of the project and the amount of disk space you need. By the way, using virtual hosting as storage will be more expensive. However, it will typically faster than shared hosting. If your website has a lot of multimedia, you will need VPS.

  1. Check hosting for compliance with the system requirements of WordPress.

Today, it is difficult to find hosting that would not meet the minimum requirements of WordPress. The technical hosting requirements for WordPress such as

  • PHP 5.2.4
  • MySQL 5.0+ (MySQL 5.6 are recommended)
  • PHP 7+
  • Disk space of at least 1 GB.
  • The server should support HTTPS, FTP protocols and the mod rewrite module installed.

Luckily, all hosting plans provided by a company already comply all those requirements. Leaving you with peace of mind to focus on what you do best, your business!

  1. Find out the physical location of the data center hosting provider.

It is good when the servers are physically located on at least one continent with the main audience of the site. For example, if your site is for Indian audience, then it is recommended to have a physical server in India.

Fortunately, this is not a must. It is because you can always connect your WordPress with Cloudflare to make it available on multiple continent server including Asia.

  1. Do not pay for hosting immediately for a long time.

Pay first for a month or use the trial period. This will give you a time to test drive the company service.

  1. Choose hosting that uses SSD store

SSD storage makes your hosting 20x faster than average shared hosting on the market. OF course, this will give you more chance to rank on Google since your website loads faster. It can improve the user experience and your audience will love your website more.

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