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7 Essential Tips to Increase the PageSpeed Score of Your WordPress Website

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the popularity of WordPress. This comprehensive content management system powers almost 34% of all the internet. It is known for its versatile nature; from blogging to business websites, all can be built with its robust functionality. Building a website and maintaining it are two different things.

Website maintenance is a crucial aspect. And, for that page speed is essential. There are several reasons that you should consider for the page speed of your website. From ranking in Google to giving the best user experience to the customers, to enhancing the conversions, Page speed has covered you.

As shown in the below statistics, the increase of bounce rate has been demonstrated that increases with the page load time increase.


Page load timeIncrease in bounce rate
1s to 3s32%
1s to 5s90%
1s to 6s106%
1s to 10s123%


It is evident that the page load time is inversely proportional to the increase in the bounce rate. If your website takes more than 10s to load, then the chances of bounce rate are 123%. The studies say that the website speed should open in between the 3 seconds.

Google has given a PageSpeed Insight that examines the website’s content on the desktop and on Google. It also provides your significant suggestions that can help to increase the speed of your WordPress website.

It provides a page speed score after examining the results, termed as page speed score. The scores are mentioned in such a way that:

  • 90 or above: Higher
  • 50 to 90: Average
  • Under 50: Slow

The other manner of Page Speed Score is that it discovers the speed (how much faster) of the web pages after performing some amendments. If the changes are performed as mentioned, then the websites will run better, and accordingly, the user experience will enhance, and your website speed will rank higher on the search engine pages.

To know how to handle it better, here we are giving you the best tips that can enhance the pagespeed score of your WordPress website. For customizing the website for enhancing the page speed of your website, Custom WordPress development services can be undertaken by any of the WordPress company. Choice is all yours!!

Let’s find out!

A List of Factors that can increase the PageSpeed Score of WordPress Website

1. Leverage Browser Cache

There are several elements that are stored temporarily for easy loading. Non-cached content like CSS, logo, images, and HTML has the tendency to slow down things. Undoubtedly, it is an essential factor to enhance the PageSpeed Insights Score. For the WordPress website caching, WordPress has given some crucial plugins, such as W3 total cache or WP rocket.

2. Image Optimization

On average,- images account for about 60% of the web page’s total size. It is also a reason for the slow loading of the web page. Optimizing the images can reduce the size of the images by removing the clutter. And then re-compressing the images by using the most appropriate algorithm. Image optimization can be executed in many ways. The lossy image can improve the speed of your website by shrinking the images. This process will not disturb the visual aspect of the image. Images will be visible on the web, and the optimization process will not disrupt the way the users see the images online.

3. Remove Render-Blocking Javascript

It is a possibility that some Javascript code can interrupt the above the fold content that slows down the website speed. The problems can be solved in two different ways:

  • Move to Call to JQuery from the page head and assuring when the jQuery module is discovered.
  • Some useful plugins, WP Deferred JavaScript, can be used. It emphasizes the browser for downloading the JavaScript to make the website load faster.

4. Minification

Redundant resources or code changes the browser’s behavior. Google can descent you when the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files are extensive. These three core minification types can be delineated as:

  • JavaScript: Present in various scripts
  • HTML: Termed as the code of actual pages
  • CSS: Integrated into the style sheets

It is advisable to decrease the JavaScript file whose size is larger than 4096 bytes.

With the help of the plugins, like, Autoptimize and WP Super Minify, the issue can be resolved. These plugins can also help in optimizing CSS delivery.

5. Enhance Server Response Time

There may be several reasons for the slow response time. Traffic overload, Poor web hosting, web server setup are some of them. Google measures this metric through. The response time of Google’s optimal server should be less than 200 ms. Additionally, those plugins that are coded poorly should also be eliminated.

6. Landing Pages Redirects

Redirect is a technique used by webmasters to get visitors to your preferred place. Though, the broken redirects can also enhance the chances of delay and make it tough to improve the PageSpeedInsights. Google does not accept any form and shape of redirects. Though, make sure to use the appropriate redirect for on URL. If there is a requirement of one-time 301 redirects, then you can use the Linker Plugin.

7. Considering Asynchronous Scripts

When the browser synchronously executes the code, then it can only perform one or two tasks at one time and also does not let the page load faster. Below the list of asynchronous JavaScript Script and tools are given that you can use in place of generic versions for improving the PageSpeed Insight score. Check out:

Concluding Remarks

Now, you have all the significant factors that can increase the WordPress website pagespeed score.

What are you waiting for?

Implement them now and find the changes that they can give to your website. Keep your website intact. Do not let any reason stop you from touching the heights of success.

Do repeat the test time so that the issues if persists does not hamper the speed. Hopefully, now you are confident to tackle the problems.

Let us know if you have any queries related to this article. We are here to help you out. Thanks for reading!!



Author Bio:

Marie Thomas is an IT enthusiast with 7+ years of experience in developing WordPress websites. Currently, she is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress Web Development Company in USA. She loves to keep abreast of the latest technologies and tools in the corporate market, and believes in sharing knowledge gained through experience. Connect with her on Twitter

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