7 Must-Have Tools for Mobile Phone Repair
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7 Must-Have Tools for Mobile Phone Repair

In the event that you are planning or thinking about replacing the cell phone battery yourself, or even planning to switch out that broken screen, there are a few tools that you must need to make the task much easier.

In case you are a cell phone repair expert or a DIY kind of individual and need to repair the cell phone, you should know the entire arrangement of the tools as well as a toolkit that you need to fix the tablets and phones. Without a proper arrangement of tools, you won’t be able to open and afterward fix the phone.

In the meantime, it is essential to buy the tools of good quality. For this, you likewise need to realize the best organizations manufacturing this stuff. Thus, we are giving the entire rundown of the tools along with the equipment that is required for iPhone and cell phone repairs. You can similarly make use of all these tools for fixing the tablets too.

It isn’t important to buy the majority of the mentioned tools. Rather you can get just those which you need, the same number of them is required just in the event that you are going for advanced troubleshooting and recommended uniquely for master technicians.

1. Suction Cup Pliers

In the event that you have a Smartphone like the iPhone, where you need to pry up the display so as to dig up inside, pair of the suction cup pliers is an extraordinary device to have.

A portion of the battery supplanting units accompany a little suction cup to help pry open your Smartphone, however, it pales in comparison to some suction cup pliers. You simply join one suction cup to the back of the phone and the other to the front, and afterward just squeeze on the pliers to separate the display from the rest of the phone.

In the event that you do even just a little handful of versatile repairs, these pliers are a commendable investment and will pay for themselves with the amount of time you will save.

2. Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

Obviously, with more up to date Smart phones, you cannot pry unfasten the display without heating the glue first. To accomplish that, it is extraordinary to have a hair dryer or a heat gun.

The heat softens up the adhesive and makes it easier to separate the display when you pry it open, just as lessening the opportunity of something breaking.

You could likewise, make use of something such as a rice bag that you heat up in the oven.

3. Magnetic Mat

Taking apart Smartphone results in a lot of unfastened screws as well as little parts that should be kept organized and all more critically prevented from getting lost. This is the place a magnetic mat could be a true lifesaver.

It not just shields your small screws from rolling off the table as well as getting lost, however, most of the mats have separator lines with the goal that you could organize the parts and keep an eye on everything, just as utilize a dry-erase marker to figure out what’s going on with everything.

4. Guitar Picks

Suction cup pliers are extraordinary to have, yet in case you are dealing with a stubborn display assembly that is truly glued down, guitar picks could prove to be useful.

You can utilize them as a temporary spudger which is a small plastic prying tool, however, guitar picks are additionally useful for acting as the spacers to keep the spots you have just pulled apart separated. Let’s assume you got the bottom half of the screen to pry up, however not the top half. You could stick a few guitar picks in the middle of the body as well as the screen on the bottom half to keep it pried up not declining once again into the right spot as you deal with the top half.

With respect to where you can buy guitar picks, essentially any music store sells them, yet you could likewise simply get them on Amazon.

5. Old Credit Cards

Like guitar picks, having an old credit card handy can help when prying up specific parts, however, what makes credit cards better now and again is that you could pry up a bigger surface zone without any delay.

This makes them extraordinary for prying out immovable batteries that are fixed down with the adhesive by using the spudger or something comparable isn’t perfect for this since it’d be anything but difficult to puncture the battery accidentally.

Using an old credit card, you could slide it below the entire battery on one side and slowly work it out without terror of puncturing anything.

6. Magnifying Glass

The Smartphone parts are incredibly tiny. Except if you have good eyesight, it tends to be hard to perceive what is going on with everything. A magnifying glass could be truly a savior.

What we like to do is utilize the magnifying glass as a soldering tool. You could buy these in cheap price and the stand enables you to keep two hands-free while you utilize the magnifying glass to get a more critical take a gander at the innards of your phone.

In case you wear glasses and need somewhat more compactness, you could have a go at something like a jeweler’s clasp on eye loupe.

7. Desk Lamp

You may feel that you have plenty of light as of now, yet you would be shocked at what an inexpensive desk lamp could do.

For a very long time, we have never exploited extra light when taking a shot at the projects, yet once we began utilizing the desk lamps and headlamps, it totally changed the perspective of what adequate lighting implied.

It is a cheap investment also. You could get an average desk lamp for under $15. Even better, you likely as of now make them lying around the house someplace.

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