7 Smart Gadgets to Turn your Home into a Smart Home
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7 Smart Gadgets to Turn your Home into a Smart Home

Technology is here with us, and it is expected to ease manpower and save precious time. Below are some of the smart home gadgets available that can turn our homes into smart homes.

  • Anova Precision Cooker

Bluetooth Anova Precision Cooker is a powerful machine that cooks amazingly. With this machine, you can at least boast of being able to cook good food like a professional chef at the comfort of your kitchen.

Bluetooth Precision Cooker is a typical gadget in high-end restaurants cooking foods like meat, vegetables, fish and a myriad of desserts.

It is easy to use by just attaching the cooker to any pot, add enough water, ziplock your ingredients in a bag, drop in and press the start button. Using these simple steps, you will cook the best food in your life.

  • QiLi Ceiling Lamp

Apart from being a lighting gadget, this lamp has a sound speaker inside the lamp which you can use to play music from your phone. It is pretty cool especially if you install one in your bathroom, and dance to the music as you take a shower.

The lamp features include built-in multiple colors, warm and cool white options, and dimmable functionality.

It can be controlled via the iLink and Bluetooth.

  • Circle with Disney

What kids are exposed to while online is a concern that has created a heated debate across the globe. There have been efforts to safeguard them from unproductive and harmful content, and this has led to the development of tools such as a circle with Disney.

Circle with Disney allows parents and guardians to have access to what their kids are viewing online and the ability to filter any unwanted content.

As long as your smartphone is compatible with both Android and IOS, you can be able to control and even pause the internet through your smartphone.

  • Schlage Z-Wave Connect Century Smart Locks

Smart Locks are one of the smart home gadgets in very high demand.

This programmable keypad lock takes the keys and smartphone out of your hands. It also has a built-in alarm.

Amazingly they can also be voice-controlled because they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

There are easy to operate, and you can add or delete codes for close family members or put in temporary codes for workers.

They are compatible with Z-wave technology, Wink Hu and The Samsung SmartThings Hub.

  • Logitech Harmony Hub

Logitech harmony hub is used to control your TV.

Logitech Harmony Hub can be used together with Amazon Alexa to turn on your television using your voice. It can also be used to turn on or off any other entertainment equipment using your voice.

Incredibly it can combine eight remotes and multiple apps into one smartphone.

  • Roomba Robotic Vacuum

Roomba is a variety of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners. It features sensors that enable it to navigate the floor detecting obstacles, dirty spots and drop in staircases to prevent it from falling.

Below is a summary of different Roomba models;

Roomba 675 – Very affordable can clean trapped hair from brushes and a random cleaning pattern.

Roomba 960 – A good balanced price and features.

Roomba i7 – Most advanced robot vacuum right now and reasonably priced. It can be upgraded to the i7+ feature of emptying itself when full.

Roomba i7+ – It is a self-emptying robot vacuum, and it’s costly.

  • Blink XT Smart Security Cameras

With the current on the rise of crime, matters of security cannot be taken lightly. Blink XT Smart Security Cameras run like a clock using two AA lithium batteries. These batteries in this camera can last up to two years.

They are effective and durable withstanding even the coldest of weather. They can be placed anywhere in the home to track and record every ongoing activity.

In conclusion, technology keeps improving itself. Therefore,  a lot more is expected in the coming years. Embracing technology is embracing change which is inevitable in the contemporary world.

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