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8 Facebook Facts You Ought To Know

With Facebook in hot water these days because of its questionable policies, it’s only fitting that we review some interesting facts about one of, if not the most, influential social media platforms in the world. In this article, we’ve collated some of the more essential facts about the Zuckerberg-run company.

Facebook was originally FaceMash, a hot or not website comparing girls

The origin of the Facebook site is FaceMash, developed by founder Mark Zuckerberg in his dorm room at Harvard University. One of the more bizarre Facebook facts was that it was a site set up to be a game where visitors can decide whether a girl was “hot or not.” 


It pitted two pictures of girls at the same time, and the user will then decide who’s hot and who’s not. It was exclusive to Harvard students at the time, and Zuckerberg admitted that he was drunk when he coded it. 


A few weeks in, the site became a thing, and it expanded its range to nearby Boston colleges, then the Ivy League. When Harvard got ahold of the student-developed site, Zuckerberg faced expulsion from a litany of charges. These were eventually dropped, but the idea of a “face book” was in Zuckerberg’s environment at the time, because pictures of Harvard students and their basic information were collated into it.

Peter Thiel, a founder of Paypal, was one of the first people to invest in Facebook

Peter Thiel, which was ahead of his time in 2004, was one of the first investors to see Facebook’s potential. He initially invested $500,000. The rest, they say, is history. From this initial investment and other sponsors at the time, Facebook began to place itself as the social media platform to be. Thiel, later on, sold his stake on the company for a whopping $1 billion.

It’s only in 2007 that companies started to run official accounts on Facebook

When Facebook was a young social media platform with lots of early adopters on it, companies weren’t so keen on having their presence on the site. But in three years from 2004, Facebook has exponentially grown to astronomical heights, and it became the place to be for digital marketing. 


Businesses then want to have their chunk on the massive audience the platform has, and Facebook was willing to have multinational companies have a way to connect to their audiences. The verification system was then put in place, a way for users to know that the page is an official business account.

Facebook owns at least $133.38 billion in assets in 2019 alone

In 2019, it was reported that Facebook had $70++ billion in revenue. That’s more than impressive so to speak, Facebook’s amount of money to run was valued at half that figure. Facebook’s business model has always been multi-faceted, acquiring new technologies, and integrating them into the site. In the same year, the site is valued at a whopping $133.39 billion.

A file-sharing function was once a core function of Facebook

One of the messenger’s more important functions, Facebook separate chat function, is its ability to do peer-to-peer file sharing. But there was a time when this function was part of Facebook’s core functions. In the early days of the site when users were but a few, Zuckerberg developed Wirehog, a file-sharing function for the 500,000 users the site has back then.

It is estimated that Facebook’s user data amounts to 300 PETABYTES

Ever wondered how much user data Facebook stores? Well, that’s more or less 300 petabytes. For reference, one petabyte is equal to 1 million gigabytes. As Facebook continues to grow, it will store more data from its users, and since every active user updates almost every week, the amount of data stored by the company will double or triple in the next few years.

Facebook earns at least $5 from its users in the US and Canada

While Facebook doesn’t really earn from new users as much as it does with paid advertisements on the site, the company’s edge is the number of subscribers it has. North American countries like the US and Canada are some of the biggest Facebook users, and in that group alone, Facebook has earned at least $5 from every single one.

In 2014, it was clocked that a billion videos were watched every day

Most people on Facebook spend their time watching videos, looking at pictures, and communicating with friends. While the video feature was fairly recent, it became a hit for most of its users. In fact, in 2014, a billion videos were watched by users in a day, and it became a trend for video watching since then.

In A Nutshell 

There you have it. If you are a fan of Facebook and use it every day, you should at least know these facts. Some are dubious, like the social media’s ethically questionable origins, and others are just straight-up amazing like how it owns some of the biggest storage of user data files in the world. As long as you keep your data safe, continue using the platform to communicate, get news, and interact with other people!


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