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8 Things to Know Before Creating a Custom Web Design

“While you may have the option of hiring a website developer, it is cheaper to know some of the basics and develop your own website. And that includes having knowledge about the domain name and a business email address.”

A business can’t do without a website. An attractive website, to be specific. But designing websites is also an art. And not everyone is blessed with a creative mind. Might sound a bit harsh. But it is what it is. A friend was recently trusted with the responsibility of designing a web page for Frontier FiOS Internet. To me, she was a talented individual. But according to her company? Not so much. The final design that she submitted ended in her boss’s recycle bin. Ouch!  And on that day I realized that having a degree in web designing does not guarantee that you are just as creative.

However, you should know a couple of things before you create a custom web design.

Domain Name

Before you start a website, you need a domain name. Because this is the digital address that people will use when they are visiting your website. However, you should keep in mind that you MIGHT not always get the domain name you have in mind. Just like email addresses or Insta profile names. But you can check if the name that you wish to have is available or not. It is simple to do so. You can visit some of the popular domain name providers. This includes GoDaddy and NameCheap. Apart from telling you if your desired domain name is available or not, they can provide your domain names at as low as $10-$20 per year.

Email Address

Okay, so you own a business. So, your email address should reflect the same. It should be decent and sophisticated. Unless you are running an online dating app, you need to be very careful with your email address. People consider contacting you through the email address. But you as a company will have to reach out to the potential market through emails more often. And you do not want an indecent email address to ruin it for you. It will give a very lousy and non-serious type of feel to your business. Because people will question your business’s ability to spend $5 on investing in a business email address. Might sound harsh but that’s how peoples’ brains operate. Therefore, apart from avoiding weird names as email addresses, avoid using free services like Gmail to create a business email address.

Make Use of a Software

Resort to a website building software. Some of the popular ones include:
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace

Many developers, even if they can code a website, rely on this software. Because it makes the work so much easier for them. However, not all software offers the features that you might want to add to your website. Depending on the complexity of the website, some website builders work better than others.

Website Hosting

Web hosting providers are referred to as the storage unit where your website will live online. More like the house for your website. Whenever some types your website domain, the web browser fetches the website from your website host. And depending on the number of visitors on your website, the types of hosts vary as well. Needless to mention that the cost of your hosting will increase if more visitors visit your website. Because in that case, you will have to shift from basic hosting to more advanced hosting. The types of website hosting include:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Free hosting

To begin with, you can start with shared hosting. As you have no clue as to the number of visitors there would be on your website. Once you have an idea, you can shift to the type that satisfies your need.

Template Design

You need to choose a website template design for your site as well. This will save you the need to hire a web designer. It is rather a quick and economical way to design your website template. And give it a professional look. If you are resorting to the services of website builders like WordPress and Wix, they will provide you with free template designs as well. In another case, you can always search online for free template design providers.

Logo Design

The logo is what speaks for your brand or company. And it is unique for every business. It is what differentiates one company from the other. Like you can recognize Ferrari and BMW from their company logos. You do not even need to read the names of the brands. That’s the power of a logo. And to create your own unique logo you can either hire a graphic designer. Or you can use a logo generator. The former is a better option, though.

High-Quality Images

If you do not want to hire a website designer but want to give your website a professional look, use high-quality images. Yes. It is that simple. It makes your website look a hundred times better. And gives it the professional look. Because nothing drops the confidence of an individual on a website more than fuzzy images. Hence, invest some time and thought to pick unique and high-quality images for your website.

Google Analytics

Do not underestimate the power of visitors on your website. And if you want to increase the number of visitors on your website, use Google Analytics. It is a data analytics tool. And it aids you in analyzing the way the visitors are interacting with your website.  You can find a lot of details about the visitors including their buying behavior using Google Analytics.

A friend recently had the chance of using Google Analytics to analyze the traffic on Frontier service page. As she was working for the company, she shared how much easy and fun it was to notice the pattern and buying behavior of the visitors. I will be trying it out soon as well now.

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