9 Things You Should Consider While Selecting The Perfect WordPress Theme

The thought of getting a perfect theme might have been in your mind if you are looking to get your website designed and developed. If you have decided to build your website using WordPress then you would be searching for a perfect WordPress theme for your website. Well, it’s obvious to look for a good theme for your website as the website happens to be the center of your business’s online presence.

However, getting perfectness is not that easy as they say. You have to put in efforts to get that perfect match for your website’s need. The common option that most of the firms opt for is to hire a WordPress web developer to get their website developed with that perfect theme.

Well, it’s good to hire a WordPress web developer to get that expertise and skills on the table but what’s perfect for you may not be the same for the web developer. So, how to determine what’s a perfect theme?

There is no exact definition of what a perfect WordPress theme is however, there are certain defined parameters based on which a theme can be said to be perfect. Wondering what are those parameters? Don’t worry as we are going to discuss them all right here right now.

So, if you are someone who is looking to hire a WordPress web developer or a web developer who wants to know how to choose a perfect theme for the client’s website then don’t stop reading till the end.


Compatibility of the website is the key when we talk about web development in the present day context. Modern day users are always on the go people use different devices like smartphones and tablets to browse the web. Moreover, users have various web browsers to browse a particular website.

The last thing you would want for your website is to look crapy or be incompatible with browsers and devices. While choosing a theme make sure that it should be compatible with various devices and has cross-browser compatibility.

Remember that Google (Which happens to be the browser of over 80% users) penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly, and has boosted its mobile-friendly algorithm a few times to bring these websites down.

Ensure that your website gets the best possible chance to come up in Google search results. Well, if you are developing a website make sure that you don’t miss out on potential traffic generating avenues.


WordPress themes come in different layouts, a number of columns, lots of colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, etc. However, the one that provides easy navigation is what you want to ensure the user-friendliness of your website.

Make sure that the selected theme’s presentation style is not overly complicated so, that the users can’t find their way through the website. Also always make sure that the theme fits into the context of the kind of website you are making Say, for instance, you don’t need a flashy theme for an e-commerce kind of website but make sure that you don’t go too dull.

Supported Plugins

WordPress without its plugin is like a gun without ammunition. These plugins make it possible for you to do most of the customization with your WordPress based website.

There are certain must-have plugins, which you should install with any website like Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache (or another caching solution), Wordfence Security and BackWPup, etc. It is important to ensure that your theme is compatible with all those widely-used plugins. If you are unsure or have any kind of problem with the plugin don’t hesitate to hire a WordPress web developer (In case you were initially planning to go without it)

Translation and multiple language support

A good number of WordPress websites are not in the English language.  Maybe you have plans to create a multilingual WordPress site in the future so, as to target the wide user base.

Ease of Customisation

Customization is a time-based need and you might feel to add certain items in your website which were initially not your priority. Say, for example, you need to add modify the check out page of your e-commerce website for user-friendliness.

So, going for a theme that is compatible with customization is what that is right for you.

Security and Updates

Always prefer to have a theme which is active when it comes to the support part. Make sure that the developer updates the theme on the regular basis according to WordPress latest version and it must support the new features of updated version like widgets, tags, etc.

Ensuring the privacy of the users is also a very important part. Make sure that when someone uses your website he/she must be assured that their privacy is kept and their data is secure on your website.  Say, for example, the banking details of the user while making financial transactions must be secured.

So, look for a theme that allows you to do so and never settle for a theme that doesn’t let you update your website easily.

SEO friendly

SEO is the word when it comes to promoting and branding your website online. The WordPress theme that you select plays a crucial role in your website’s SEO friendliness. A good looking theme can still generate poorly coded HTML, this could affect your site’s performance on search engines, clog your database with junk and expose it to external threats. So select only those themes that come from reputed providers and rely on the theme check plugins.

Speed of loading

No one likes to wait when it comes to the loading of a website (and otherwise as well). You can’t expect your users to wait a minute or so for your website to load in a time where a website with more than 10 seconds of loading time are seen aborted in 80% of the cases. Make sure that your website is not bulky it must be quick, responsive and easy to load.

Watch out for ratings and reviews

One solid indicator of a WordPress theme’s quality is ratings and reviews provided by the users. It could help you improve your website content and user experience. Make sure your theme provides you with a section for receiving reviews and rating from the users. This would help you get an unbiased opinion about the website.

That’s all readers. Go out and check the WordPress themes on the above-listed parameters and get that perfect theme that you were looking on. For more such exciting content stay connected.



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