A Detailed Guide For Office 365 Timesheet App

Office 365 Timesheet is created to make the workspace easier for you. You will be able to log hours, formulate reports, manage tasks, and report to the manager simultaneously.


Earlier, timesheets were created manually. Drawing and filling timesheets by hand used to be a tedious task. It consumes a lot of time and effort from the employee. And manual timesheets are prone to numerous errors resulting in inappropriate billable hours.


Timesheets are an extremely important element for any management. It keeps track of the employee’s work hours, progress, and productivity. In that case, it is imperative to give the utmost importance to flexible and precise timesheet management.


With this new office 365 timesheet app, you will not only save ample time but also increase productivity by giving time to the most important tasks.


The below information will be useful for you if you are new to this timesheet management technology.


Who can use the timesheet?


With this app, you will be able to have a multidimensional view. That is, the employees and managers can interact and share the records within the timesheet app.


If you are in a responsible position of a manager or a project leader, you will find this app very essential because of its functionality to sync the tasks completed, pending, and delivered. You can see the schedules of all the employees under you and assign tasks accordingly.


You can become a better manager just by monitoring the timesheet and assigning the task at the proper time. You will also be able to review the work and leave comments to motivate your employees to do better.

Timeframe to submit

Office 365 timesheet is the most flexible app ever. With this flexibility, you will be able to be more productive. This app is not confined to a single option. You can submit the timesheet according to your timeframe.


You have a weekly, bi-weekly, and daily option to log your time. After logging the hours you can save it and choose a convenient time to send the timesheet for approval.

Organizations that can use timesheet

This timesheet app can service any type of business. It can be perfect for any business. You will be able to use it for offices, hospitals, retails, travel agencies, coaching institutes, universities, schools, hotels, government offices, etc. Since the timesheet is versatile it can be used in any professional setups.

How to install the Office 365 Timesheet app?

Office 365 timesheet app offers various packages. The packages include free, pro, and enterprise. You can choose anyone according to your needs.


Just by adding a small fee to the free app, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits including additional export, email integration features, phone call features, etc. You also have a 14-day free trial to explore the elements of the timesheet.

Advantages of using Office 365 Timesheet app

1.    Efficient report management


This timesheet app is easy to use and create reports. Employees will be able to add extra information to their tasks done. The software is automated in such a way to pick up the information and create a timesheet report for the employee.


This is the right plugin for employees to schedule their tasks and generate reports at the right time. It can improve the productivity of the employees by being flexible enough.


The managers will also face less trouble in getting the timesheets at the appropriate time period. The reports are well organized and standardized making the manager’s job hassle-free.


2.    Improved business process


The reports generated by the timesheet app is precise. It helps the managers and other decision-makers of the organization locate any redundancy in the process and eliminate the unnecessary risks associated with it.


It can also help monitor the quality of the work of the employees. This makes it easier for managers to assign tasks according to the level of competency. This will save a lot of time and resources for the organization and improves the overall business process.


3.    Improves customer service


Timesheet app takes away the burden from the employees and managers thereby increasing their productivity level. When the employees and the managers are inspired then customer satisfaction is to spike surely.


The overall competency of the company is increased just by having proper organization skills and tools to streamline the process. The above article gives you a detailed view of how and why to use a timesheet to organize the entire business.


There is a wide array of advantages to using a timesheet. Make use of amazing plugins like the office 3665 timesheet app to improve the efficiency of the employees and the organization as a whole.

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