Able2Extract Professional 14: Complete Solution for All PDF Tasks

PDFs can be opened and viewed properly on almost any device, but modifying them in any way can’t be accomplished without a powerful software tool. There’s a lot of PDF tasks users wish to perform and most tools are capable of delivering some of the basic functions needed. However, finding an all-in-one PDF solution for any and all PDF-related tasks has proven to be a challenge.

With the introduction of some brand new features in version 14, Able2Extract Professional has become one of the few PDF suites that can do it all.

If you’re serious about having a go-to PDF software tool in your productivity arsenal, we strongly suggest reading the rest of the article as we’ll explain what’s new and how it complements all the PDF features Investintech have implemented in their flagship product over the years to deliver a complete PDF solution.

Sign PDF

Enterprises heavily rely on using PDFs for sharing and storing documentation. With the way the internet has changed the way business is being done, physical distance has become less important. Yet, however convenient this change has been for conducting business, it requires a certain set of tools to adapt traditional document-signing paper workflows to completely digital ones.

That’s why new Able2Extract brought two PDF signature features business users will appreciate the most.

The first one is the ability to insert electronic signatures and add digital certificates to PDFs. Being able to sign PDFs on desktop computers significantly cuts down on time needed to approve documentation, sign contracts and add an extra layer of security to sensitive business documents.

The second one makes validating cryptographic PDF signatures as easy and fast as possible. Users can visually authenticate the document in seconds just by taking a look at the color (green, yellow, or red) of a lock icon in the tab of an opened file. Of course, more information about the authenticity of the document and its signer is just a click away if needed.

Train AI Templates for Even Quicker PDF to Excel Conversions

Custom Excel templates conversion has been Able2Extract’s unique feature for years. Users who need to convert similarly formatted PDFs to Excel appreciate the ability to set up their conversion once and let the templates work their magic every other time they need to extract tabular data from PDFs.

With this new version, Able2Extract Professional 14 takes this feature a few steps further. The developers have implemented artificial intelligence algorithms so that users can train Smart templates to recognize specific table structures in lengthy documents, no matter where they’re located or how big they are.

Furthermore, with Master templates, users can even automate batch PDF to Excel conversions. Imagine you have a dozen PDFs you want to convert to Excel, but some of them contain different table structures, making it difficult to extract the data in one go. For Able2Extract that’s not a problem – just apply the corresponding Master templates to the files in the queue and you’ll have tabular data extracted quickly and accurately.

PDF Forms Editor

With the ability to insert blank pages and add and edit most common form fields, Able2Extract has already been a powerful tool for creating useful PDF forms.

But with the improvements implemented in the PDF form editor, the new Able2Extract gives users even more control over form field placement and the overall look of documents used for collecting valuable business data.

There are a lot more enhancements implemented in the Able2Extract Professional 14, but we’ll leave it to you to discover them. Check out all the new features of this all-around PDF tool here.

A free trial is available, so you can try it out before deciding on buying either a lifetime license or just a 30-day subscription. Having Able2Extract Professional 14 in your productivity toolbox forever will cost you $149.95 or you can utilize it for a month (if you have a specific PDF-related project in mind) for $34.95.

If you decide to give it a go, you’re more than welcome to submit your thoughts on the program or any other feedback other users will find useful in the comments section below.

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