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Accessing Sling TV Canada easily

What’s Sling TV?

A more modernized and improved streaming platform, Sling TV, is here to save you from the hassle of switching between Live TV channels and Internet streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Users can discontinue their cable connections because sling TV offers you with all your TV Cable channels. However, it is unfortunate that this service is not accessible outside the US due to geo-restrictions. These tight restrictions do not even let Canada, their neighboring country, access it. But zero issues, because we have a way you can sneak through the internet and access Sling TV, which we will be revealing ahead. To get more insights to visit, – What is Sling TV, Canada.

Subscriptions and Plans:

Its subscription is $15 per month that includes Internet content and up to 30 live channels. Sling TV offers its customers three different plans to choose from, depending on the number of channels they want to watch. Once you have selected your plan, you can subscribe and upgrade to other premium channels easily.

Why isn’t Sling TV accessible to other countries than the US?

Sling TV contains mostly American shows and content that is restricted to US citizens only by the show owners. There are content licensing and a variety of other laws in different countries, making it hard and complicated to show content in other countries. Also, opposition and the reluctance to accept the new competition from local TV networks would only increase complications.

How does Sling TV block away Non-US citizens?

Retrieving our location from an IP address that contains our personal information, it identifies us as someone outside of the US and immediately blocks users, making the site inaccessible to them.

How to access Sling TV from Canada?

Our best and all-time solution is using a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions for accessing the blocked sites. Installing a VPN will make your original IP address hidden from the internet, making your identity anonymous to the web. The VPN requests access to the site through the new IP addresses, making their servers think that we are browsing from the US.

Once the VPN gets you access to the site, make your Sling account and get your subscription at once. Bypassing blocked sites isn’t a VPNs only advantage. It will protect your data through data encryption and keep it secure from online spies.


Recommended VPN to access Sling TV in Canada?

Express VPN is our only recommendation for accessing Sling TV. Express VPN not only provides secured data encryption while watching Live TV but also has spectacularly fast speed. It won’t slow down your browsing speed so you can stream without any buffering problems.

While some VPNs are unable to unblock Sling TV restrictions, Express VPN is struck with no such problems and works smoothly by helping users bypass blocked sites like Sling TV due to having numerous servers in the US. Being compatible with all kinds of devices, it’s perfect to use for streaming Sling TV!

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