Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in business

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in business

Mobile devices have gradually become an integral part of the modern workspace. Since the pandemic in 2020 that started changing the entire way of working globally, there has been a major shift to the use of technology in all industries. With remote working options growing steadily, smartphones have become a vital aspect of the new-normal work culture.

IT admins aim to mobilize the workforce by adapting to the growing technology of smartphones. But are these devices offer only advantages to business organizations? Certainly not. There comes a lot of challenges, too, with the integration of smartphones in business. It is time to know how modern devices help you experience both advantages and disadvantages.

Devices in use

In today’s enterprises, the employees conduct business using two primary devices:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Tablets

The chief difference between the two is related to the size parameter, which in turn affects the available display area, processing power, average battery life. Storage, memory, and several other factors. However, you have to consider the display area as the top consideration while evaluating any device.

Advantages of using the smartphones

The business growth tracking in the past few years show that the use of mobile phones for work purpose has successfully boosted the productivity of the companies. With increased mobility and security, these mobiles are helping the employees in numerous ways.

Advantage #1: Better customer service

Effective communication aids in better dealing with the clients. You can now offer multiple services to your customers through mobile phone applications using various applications. 

  • The email, messaging, and text applications offer smooth communication with the clients even if you are on the go. 
  • Prompt response to the queries from customers is possible.

Continuous and convenient communication plays a major role in business growth. 

Advantage #2: Better coordination

Business management is a complex procedure. Without a flexible model, it can be difficult for you to maintain coordination with the employees, customers, and other contacts without being present together at the workplace.

The rise in the demand for Huawei p50 pro buy requests shows how the smartphone has helped employees and employers to increase connectivity even with a remote working system. The portability of these smartphones has been the key reason behind the immense contribution of these devices in promoting business management. 

Advantage #3: Increasing productivity

Employees working from home can participate in the meetings and client calls through applications that run equally well on smartphones as on laptops. Dynamic work procedure is crucial for business growth. If your employee can take a call even on the way to the airport for another business meeting, it is possible to handle multiple clients at a time without adding to the resource. 

Advantage #4: Ease of marketing

All of you know how easy it is nowadays to be on social media with one touch on the phone. Sharing a company’s updates and latest products through short reels are more effective means of marketing the product than conventional advertisements. 

Disadvantages of smartphones

Just like everything has a few pros and cons, smartphones are also not devoid of any disadvantages. Wondering how the little device can bring harm to your company? Think this way. 

Disadvantage #1: Disruption in workflow

Due to the use of phones constantly, personal communications disturb the workflow of the employees, which can decrease productivity.

Disadvantage #2: Compromising work-life balance

Availability round-the-clock is interrupting the personal lives of the employees. Many employers expect the employees to receive work-related calls even after working hours, which will hamper the right balance between personal and working lives. 

Disadvantage #3: Low cost- effectivity

If the nature of work demands using highly advanced mobile phones, then you have to purchase these devices for the employees. It will directly increase the cost to the company.

Disadvantage #4: Security issues

With the rise in the use of the internet for office data transfers, hackers are getting golden opportunities to hack sensitive data. Unless the employees use a secured network for data transfer, your company’s very existence can be at stake. 

Maintain the balance

Life is all about balancing the benefits and challenges of each aspect. If you can manage to use the mobile phones to enjoy the advantages and carefully avoid the disadvantages. Smartphones can be the most potent tool for business growth and expansion. 

Written by anil kumar

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