Amazon Introduces Build It – a Crowdfunding Platform

Amazon Introduces Build It - a Crowdfunding Platform

Amazon has stepped foot into the world of crowdfunding with Build It. It will only feature products developed by the company at the moment. There are already three products available in the catalogue – a cuckoo clock with the feature to programme the alarms, a smart scale that gives nutritional information, and a printer that prints sticky notes.

A crowdfunding platform acts as a host of several innovative products that are developed and build in a limited quantity at first. When the target number of buyers are met it will go under mass production and release in the market else the product would be shipped to its investors but will not sell beyond it. Some popular crowdfunding platforms include Xiaomi’s Youpin, Indiegogo’s Kickstarter among others.

Amazon Introduces Build It - a Crowdfunding Platform

Coming back to Build It and its products, the cuckoo clock features a minimalistic design out of which comes a cuckoo as the alarm sounds. There are a total of 60 LED bulbs and speakers for alarm sound and time. The pendulum can be detached to place the clock on top of a table or mount it on a wall. It priced at $79.99 as part of the funding and later will be sold at $99.99.

Amazon Introduces Build It - a Crowdfunding Platform

The stick-note printer is the size of a Rubik’s cube and will print out shopping lists, reminders, calendar events, and more. If you pair it with an Echo device you can command it by speaking to print out the lists. It is integrated with Alexa and you will not need ink to print as it is based on thermal printing technology. It currently sold at 89.99 a pop.

Amazon Introduces Build It - a Crowdfunding PlatformFinally, we have a Smart Nutrition Scale which is able to detect the nutritional value and contents of an edible item and of course display the weight. In this way, it will share the details on the calories, carbs, or sugar content of an item. You can set it up using Amazon Alexa. The LCD display shows information and it can be paired with Bluetooth 4.2. It is unavailable at the moment.

Most of the products are available for pre-order until March 19 and you need only pay after shipment. All these products will come with a 90 day limited warranty period and customers can cancel the order or return the item within 30 days after its shipped and the prices are likely to go up after that time period. Find out more about these products, by clicking here.


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