An Ultimate Guide for Buying a DSLR Camera
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An Ultimate Guide for Buying a DSLR Camera

Nowadays anyone can become photographers using smartphones we all own. We all have good camera phones and can click great selfies without even having to make much effort or by simply reading up things like iPhone videography tips. Also, you can make use of tutorials for this.

No matter how much we try with our phones, a professional camera has its own hold over photographers and videographers. You will hardly see professionals doing it all with their phones. Some of them have the best equipment possible.

In the end, it all falls down to having the best equipment and the essential things which also includes having the right kind of DSLR and the one that suits your work the most. This is why we are here to help you.

Here is our guide for buying a DSLR camera

Identifying a DSLR

People usually get confused between a SLR and a DSLR, which is why one should know what exactly is a DSLR before buying. A DSLR has majorly two components, the lens, and the body. You can change the lens depending on the type of work you are doing.

The major part that you will be working is the mirror through which you look into the frame being captured by the lens. You can also add on accessories and equipment, like lavalier mics, to your camera depending on what you are working on.

What to look for in a DSLR?

  1. Look for large sensors

For anyone who knows cameras, he/she would know the benefit of having large sensors as it directly relates to good image quality. Having large sensors means having a good digital photo sensor which ultimately gives you supreme quality.

  1. Changeable lenses

As mentioned earlier, the lens is a vital part of the camera and is a separate part as well which means it’s changeable. The flexibility of interchangeable lenses that DSLRs offer can’t be matched by anything else.

Look for a camera which gives you maximum flexibility in this area.

  1. Go advanced

The more operations and features your DSLR has, the better it gets for you and easier as well. The more manual control features your camera has, the better it will be for you to get your work done. DSLRs are built primarily for manual control, it is vital to have advanced features that support it.

  1. Speed

Shutter speed is something that is most important of all. It defines the extent you can push your camera towards. Photography and videography world run on the speed provided by their cameras so having that in the perfect spot when you buy a camera is the best thing to do.

  1. Sensor types

As of now, there are mainly two types of sensors available among the various number of DSLRs. One is the full frame and the other is the APS-C and both of them have their own perks and drawbacks. It’s on you to decide which one falls right on the side of what you want.

The major difference between the two is that the APS-C gives you a cropped frame while the full frame gives you an enlarged view and good image quality.

  1. Focus on auto focus

Auto focus systems in DSLRs have changed drastically with time and have been one of the main decision making factor. Not everyone can handle manual methods and that is where this feature comes in.

To determine whether the camera has a good auto focus in it or not, you need to see its aperture. If its f/5.6 or lesser, it is of no use to you.

  1. Stabilized imaging

No one likes a shaky image because it means you don’t have it right. It is quite easy to get a shaky image on phones which is why DSLRs have an image stabilization feature which makes sure you have the right image without jitters.

The incorporated image stabilization is better than normal body based stabilization because you will be able to enhance your photos and videos very well if you have this feature rightly matched up with others.

Wrap up

 Depending on the level of your skills or the time you have spent using a DSLR, you have to choose the camera you want. You might be buying one as a beginner who is still to gain all the knowledge so buying one with high-level features doesn’t make sense.

Choose between an entry-level camera which is obviously cheaper and a good quality professional DSLR with all the features you can imagine. You might even buy something intermediate in a prospect of the future.

With all these aspects in mind, look for the camera that has these features. With technology enhancing every day, you will surely find one that suits you and has the best of all the features mentioned above.

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