Are gaming glasses good for your eyes?

The answer, in short, is, yes. Gaming glasses are unquestionably great and healthy for your eyes. To add to that, they are also great for your gaming performance. Gamers who have tried gaming glasses know this, and that’s what makes them the winner of every gaming battlefield. Want to know what perks and premiums of these glasses do they take advantage of? Keep reading!


How Gaming Glasses are the best thing gamers could have.


  1. They come with a yellow tint which improves the clarity of colours and improves their vividness.
  2. They block the harmful blue light and don’t let the glare trouble you. Thus, saving you from headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, eyestrains and more such ill-effects of blue light.
  3. The reduction in glare and blur is significant for gamers who play fast-paced games. As glare and blur can be obstructive and slow down your gaming, thus your performance.
  4. Blocking blue light helps you sleep better. Thus, avoiding all sleep-related diseases.


Why are they important?


While gaming glasses certainly improve your vision and thus, your performance in the game, they are more critical because of the health of your eyes.


The blue light that is emitted from screens while you play on the TV, computer, phone or tablet, has very high energy. This energy is very overwhelming for the eyes and causes eye fatigue. The reason being that when this high energy light passes through the cornea, it refracts and hits the retina. This causes damage to the central portion of the retina, thus, leading to a disease called macular degeneration. The disease can further lead to vision loss, as well. Along with macular degeneration, the other possible conditions that can be a result of blue light are cataracts and insomnia.


Wondering how insomnia can be a case? Well, the blue light that screens emit hampers the production of melatonin in the body. It’s a sleep hormone that the body generates by the end of the day. But the blue light creates a false signal that it’s day time and the body’s internal clock doesn’t release the sleep hormone. Result? No sleep or poor quality sleep. If this happens every other night, the body might go into a phase of insomnia which is the case that happens with many addicted gamers. The decreased production of melatonin is also linked with cancer which makes gaming glasses more of a weapon against health evils.


Also, prolonged exposure to blue light brings many other health issues like depression. That’s because it induces oxidative stress in the eyes and builds up neurotoxins in the brain as a result of poor sleep quality. These are pretty harmful psychologically and thus, must be avoided at all costs.


This neurotoxin build-up and oxidative stress also increase the possibility of obesity, heart issues, and diabetes at a grave extent.


All this happens because of the blue light that digital devices make us look at all day and sometimes all night. And this is what makes gaming glasses so appropriate. Their ability to block blue light.


Gaming glasses also have an anti-glare coating which is excellent as it reduces the distraction and helps you focus on the game at hand to win it. Plus, the yellow tint on these glasses increases the contrast, which makes it easy for your eyes to define the target you need to shoot.




So, gaming glasses avoid the Computer Vision Syndrome that brings with it a lot of eye troubles and other diseases. Along with that, they help your performance in the game to reach its peak. Plus, all this is possible in a stylish way. That’s because Specscart makes your gaming glasses with highly affordable glasses frames. These are top-notch quality X-blue lens glasses made with advanced technology to block all the damaging blue light for you.


So, grab the opportunity. Amp up your gaming spirits in style with Specscart today!


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