ARM Announces New GPUs And Video Processors
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ARM Makes New Announcements At Computex 2019

ARM, the company behind the CPU’s in the modern smartphones and its also behind the core CPU designs have unveiled Cortex-A77 and Mali-G77: improved CPU and brand new GPU at the Computex 2019.

The Cortex-A77 CPU is built on the same Cortex-A76 CPU, but the company has managed to deliver 20 percent better single-threaded performance. It’s based on the 7nm process and has a maximum clock speed of 3GHz. And the new CPU is capable to offer 35 percent better floating point performance and 15 percent more memory bandwidth improvements.

It is also coming with the improved ML and augmented reality (AR) experiences, along with the support of the 5G. Moreover, it features micro-architecture improvements.

Moving to the new Mali-G77 GPU, it is developed based on the new ‘Valhall’ architecture. It’s coming with the new improvements which include a new superscalar engine, it also coming with a simplified scalar ISA along with a compiler-friendly instruction set, and reworked data structures for better functioning with APIs, such as Vulkan.

And the latest ARM’s latest processor – ARM ML, which is meant for the ML tasks. It’s based on a new architecture designed for smartphones, smart cameras, AR/VR devices, drones, and even for the medical and other consumer electronics. It is believed to offer the performance of up to 4TOP/s, without draining much battery.

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