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Artificial Intelligence in Human’s Life

From past few decades, technology in India has been learnt, implemented and utilized by many people. The use of technology has taken it to the higher level. Many cities and states in India have advanced because of and technology. One such state is Pune which developed rapidly in terms of technology. There are many Engineering Colleges in Pune which educate young minds in the field of technology.

Along with the evolution of humans, the technology also evolved from tangible to intangible technologies. This can be seen in education as well. The use of the technology has provided both the teachers and students with numerous options for classroom learning. Today, AI has been helping a lot in the advancement of the teaching-learning process.

Collaboration of Teachers and AI:

Artificial Intelligence has been filling need gaps in teaching and learning method. It is also helping schools and teachers to do more than ever before. It drives efficiency, personalization and streamlines admin tasks and provides teachers with the time and freedom to provide understanding, adaptability and other human capabilities where machines would struggle. With the combination of attributes of both Teachers and AI get the best outcome for students.

Universal Access of Education:

There are Artificial Intelligence Tools which helps global classrooms available to all students who speak different languages or who might have visual or hearing impairments. For example, PowerPoint has a free plug-in called Presentation Translator that creates subtitles in real time for what the teacher is saying. Moreover, AI has been breaking down silos between schools and between traditional grade levels.

Automation of the Admin Tasks:

A teacher spends lots of time grading homework and tests. Today, AI is able to make quick work out of these tasks and also offers recommendations for how to close the gaps in learning. Machines today are capable of grading multiple-choice tests and also in future, it will be able to assess written responses as well. These tasks done by AI helps teacher spend more time with each student.

Tutoring Outside the Classroom:

Artificial Intelligence provides personalized tutoring for students outside of the classroom. Whenever students need to emphasize skills or learn ideas before an assessment, AI will be able to provide students with the extra tools they need for success.

Measuring Learner Progress:

To find out where students are lagging and steer them in the right direction, educators have to take into account every reaction to a lecture, every blank or attentive stare, eager or hesitant response to a question etc. when assessing a student’s grasp of a concept. Moreover, the biggest challenge every teacher faces is measuring a learner’s progress. However, there are machine learning algorithms based on analysing and finding patterns and correlations between data points which are proving to be an effective tool in helping teachers.

Few AI Apps and Tools used in Education:

  • Cram101
  • JusttheFacts101
  • Mika
  • Thinkster Math
  • iTalk2Learn
  • Front Row
  • SmartEd
  • Brainly

Incorporating any of these AI technologies in your classroom will help you find that any one of them can make the teaching and learning experience more productive.


Author – Ashhar Ahamed Damda

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