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Basic API design principles overview

APIs  allow two pieces of applications to work with one another even when they were not initially designed to interact.

When APIs are made available, applications developers can utilize standardized tools to acquire data out of a system, alter it as needed, and use it someplace else.

APIs could be internal to some government service, shared with reliable partners or outside to the general public.

The importance of APIs

APIs are a core component of several of the top sites and mobile programs that programmers use daily. They enable software programs to produce information discoverable to other programs and allow developers to use that data in new ways. The following principles are used in developing most modern public developer APIs:

Share information & data

Providing services and information through internext APIs supports interoperability and openness.

Boost reach 

Reach more customers by enabling different agencies, partners and the private sector to incorporate — and reevaluate — your own information, content and transactions.

Save yourself time

Use automation to automatically upgrade content or data once and your API can automatically refresh in numerous places on a web site, mobile platforms and societal networking platforms.

Save money

Permit third party innovators to produce and share fresh, useful services and products beyond the range — or funding — of your bureau.

Speed up product development

Letting open and unstructured access to articles enhances prototyping and accessibility for cooperation.

Build markets

Help entrepreneurs to create products and solutions using government funds.

API-Driven Automation

API-driven process automation is the modern, best practice approach to process automation. It involves replacing human tasks with calls to an API. In other words, rather than have a person execute that task, we tell a system to do it instead.

The most obvious examples of this automation are where the task involves a human entering data into and / or retrieving data from an application. If the same functionality surfaced in that application’s user interface can be accessed via the applications set of APIs, then the BPM server can invoke that API, and cut out the human participation in that task.

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