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Best Games to Play with Your Friends on PC

Remember the days when you used to play board games with your family, once they used to gather around. Those times cannot return, but they can be enhanced according to the digital age as we have come to know it.  

2019 has some fantastic games for us in store. These games can be played on a PC and has a gaming console. So inviting over your friends and families would not matter anymore. Many gaming forums like GameThem Forum discussed and reviewed games based on high valued members for games to play with your friends.

Here is a list of those games:

Rocket League

Rocket league is an excellent space game developed by Psyonix. It can efficiently be run on Windows, Linus, X-Boc one and many others. Up to 4 players are allowed to play this game. Rocket league is mostly famous for its amazing graphics which take us to a different world altogether.

The game is full of thrill, and the sensitivity is pretty cool. The game gets more interesting once; it gets to the upper’s levels. It is where the game gets fast and pretty much edgy. If you want to add an antra thrill to your life, then Rocket League is the best choice for you.

Jackbox Games

Now, who doesn’t want a quiet game where there is no war, only brainstorming and indulging in the most excellent entertainment apps series. Jack box is one of those games which can sway your mood to suspense at one moment and then make you laugh like anything.

It is mainly a series of comedy trivia quiz mostly for the geeky lads. The incredible thing about it is that there is no limit as to how many people can play this game. You can even find hundreds of people taking part in it. Plus it can be played in Steam and many other consoles.

Party Golf

Party golf is a funky game which does not discriminate on age. Even the most sophisticated ones can also play it for sheer fun. Maximum 8 players can take part in this game, and the graphics are pretty basic as well.

The game can be easily played on Steam (Windows), PS4 and many others. However, you need to be skillful to sink the ball in the hole. A lot of control is required with this game, and this is the funniest part of the game.


Do all these games sound a little boyish to you? Here is game purely and entirely for girls (although we can’t blame boys who love to play it). It is one of those entertainment apps where you not only have fun while playing it but you also strategize on how to build up your kitchen.

Sounds fun! Overcooked is developed by Ghost Town Games and the players it allows are maximum 4. It can be easily played on Steam (Windows), Xbox One, and other such portals.  

Although the game can be a little chaotic, it is fun anyway as it needs teamwork. You need to prepare the food, cook it and serve it to the customers. This game requires a lot of communication so that the orders can be made on time.


You must have played as characters but have you played as a tentacle? Yes, Octodad gives you as many tentacles as you want. It is a real family game where you can have fun with your family members in family living style.

Octodad is a unique concept which is developed by Young Horses, and it runs on everything. It involves a cute backdrop where an octopus is a loving dad, and nobody takes care of the family as he does.

Octodad is a unique game where you get to go through the rigorous daily duties of the family, and you experience a different lifestyle altogether. The main target of each level is to search for supermarkets and parks where you can buy things for your family and take your children out to play. Women and children mostly play this game. But such games are crucial. It is because they not only excite you but also teach you good morals of life.

So these are some of the coolest pc games which keep you entertained all the time. Not only that, but it also makes a close bond in between you and your family as you play this game together.

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