Best Ways to Simplify Email Management

You cannot even start counting the number of hours you literally waste because you have to manage your emails on a daily basis. On an average scale, an expert will receive around 120 emails daily. So, losing control of your inbox seems to be a common factor here. For most of you, responding to emails after reading them is a task and takes around 28% of your work week. So, you have no other option but to look for ways that can simplify your task of email management to a great extent.

Time to allocate specified time for email on a daily basis:

It takes 74 times for an average worker to check emails daily. Even though emails might seem a little bit less intrusive when compared to phone call, but it can cause far more stress than expected. You will end up worrying about it if you fail to respond on time.

  • For the first step here, you need to allocate fixed time daily to deal with email. Keeping email open for a long day means alerts, notifications and interrupted workflow.
  • So, schedule some time for checking your emails only. It helps you to get rid of them fast.
  • While doing this task, don’t try to multitask as that won’t help. You can turn your cellphone off while going through your emails.
  • You can also try using the Clean Email app, in case you have unwanted emails stored and jamming your inbox, and you want to get rid of them instantly.

Be friendly with the delete button:

It might not feel that way but you can literally hit the delete button as that makes it pretty satisfying. So many emails are lying around unattended, so it is better to delete them all. Even the sender might have forgotten the email so, why bother store it in your inbox? There is no sense to reply to any email, which was sent to you few months or years back.

So, make sure to be honest with you and press the delete button to de-clutter your inbox. Delete as much as you can and that helps to clean your inbox well.

Using folders, labels and categories for your sake:

When it comes to creation of categories, there is no hard and fast rule associated with it. Every person seems different and their response to emails will vary too. So, you just need to figure out what works best for you.

  • Prioritizing emails, grouping them and then filtering the main emails into colorful categories can save you a lot of time for sure. You have to ensure a refined process. That makes it easier to locate major specified emails when the time comes.
  • Make sure to create separate parent categories and some sub-categories. Creating categories like team collaborations, announcements and more will be a saving grace for all of you.

Mass un-subscription can help you big time:

It is not the first time when you are bombarded with professional emails from companies, whose services you will not need at all. Most of the time you don’t even realize before clicking on the “promotional email subscription” box while surfing a page. So, be aware before signing up for such newsletters. Even if you did without paying full attention, it is time to unsubscribe. That way, you will get freedom from unwanted emails from these companies or brands.

Working up with filters to send emails to their places:

This is one simple hack, which can literally change your life for the betterment. Try working out on filters, which can take complete care of what you might want to do with the incoming emails. You can either send those emails to proper folder or can just dump them into Trash, whichever feels suitable.

  • The best part is that it is quite easier to set filters up whenever you are using Gmail.
  • Just open the inbox and click in down arrow. Then enter the search criteria and click on “create filter” option.

Using some simple tricks, you can literally take complete care of your email and de-clutter your inbox. Follow the points mentioned already and you will be amazed with the results that await you.

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