Common App Development Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

Although there are thousands of Android apps and more are still coming out, it is rather worrisome that most of the android apps are not financially successful. They are usually not as successful as much as app development companies want them to be. One may wonder why the android app development industry is so harsh. After a thorough study, it became obvious that one of the reasons why most android apps are not successful is because of the level of competition in the android app development industry.

App users are overwhelmed with too many android apps because there are many alternatives for every mobile app. So, app users have become so picky. Any little problem with an app, it will be deleted. However, there are other smaller factors that hinder the success rate in the android app development industry. These factors are little mistakes that new app development companies make.

While there is nothing you can do to the level of competition in the android app development world, you can avoid these mistakes to be among the few successful app development companies. Without further ado, here are some of the mistakes that new app development companies should avoid at all cost.

Working on assumed need

Before creating any mobile app, it is important to find a need gap. Once you see one, you should find out if there is any mobile app already fulfilling the need and it is even more important to do a feasibility study and conduct a survey to confirm that what you think is a need is indeed a need.

Unfortunately, some app developers don’t go as far as this. And some of them pay for their mistakes dearly with wasted time and financial resources. So, you should avoid such mistake. What you think is a need may not be a need after all.

Hiring misfits

There are different kinds of mobile apps and every mobile app development or team has their area of specialty. It is important to see the samples of apps developed by your prospective mobile app development team before hiring them. Yes, they may be experienced but your job may be their first attempt at creating the type of app you want.

So, many companies didn’t do enough background check and they ended up hiring wrong teams. What happened is that the app developers used their jobs as a learning curve. If you don’t want that, you must be sure of the abilities, experience, and level of proficiency of your app development team before hiring them.

In adequate testing

Another common mistake is inadequate testing of an app before launching it. Even if you are behind schedule, it is not enough to skip testing. That is like sacrificing quality for timeliness. It is not a good deal. What happens if after launching an app, you discover that it has a lot of bugs? The problem is that some of the users that encountered some of the bugs may not try the app again even after several updates.

After all, you own your app and you set the launching date. You can always change it. Late launch is better than launching an already failed app. So, let people test your app for at least one month and act on their feedback and reports.

Lack of updates

Some mobile apps have been able to generate millions of downloads after launch that the developers failed to work on updates. They got carried away by the initial success of the app. And gradually, users began to delete the app until it became too late. The point here is that even the best mobile app requires updates because similar apps with better features may be launched or users may just get tired of all the features.

Not monitoring their apps

Some app developers launched their app but failed to monitor it. So, they were not aware that its number of users was declining fast. If you monitor the daily number of the users of your app, it should be increasing. Once you start noticing a sharp decline, you should quickly investigate the cause and make corrections. But if you don’t monitor your app, you will not be aware of the reduction in the number of users until it is too late.

Adding too many features

When there are too many features in your app, chances are high that many of the features are not related to the purpose of the mobile app. However, that is not the real problem. The major issue is that your app will become clumsy and difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, this turns users off more than any other mistake. How can they even enjoy what they can’t easily operate? Many apps lost users because of being to clumsy while some were deleted after the very first use.

Building apps for all platforms

The three major mobile platforms are android, iOS, and Windows but you have to choose one of them for your app. Building an app that will support the three platforms will cost you so much and if the app fails, it will be too devastating. So, it is better to focus on either android or iOS first. After launching it and it is successful, you can start working on other platforms. In fact, users of the app will encourage you to build it for the other platforms.

Apart from these few mistakes, there are several other app development mistakes to avoid. However, your apps will do much better if you can avoid the ones discussed above.


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Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.

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