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Common Web Hosting Problems: A Simple (But Effective) Guide

When you put up your website for the first, or are moving from one host to another, it’s not uncommon for there to be issues with your site.  You might see that parts of it are not displaying properly, especially images that can be missing, or menus not working properly and taking users to incorrect pages.

Most of these problems are not too serious, and can quickly be rectified. There are a number of web hosting problems that are very common for users all around the world, regardless of where they are hosting their website, and in this article we will take a look at some of them.

You see a “Coming Soon” or Server Information Page

One very common issue that many people experience when they are moving their website from one host to another is that they cannot see their website, and instead are greeted with a “coming soon” page or one filled with server information. This is usually caused by the name server propagation, where you have updated the nameservers on the domain to the new nameservers provided by the hosting company, but the propagation period has not yet completed.

It usually takes between 24-48 hours for the nameserver update to be complete. You may also discover that while you are not yet able to see your website, other people are. This is nothing to worry about, and means that you’ll simply need to be a little more patient until the propagation is complete. If after 48 hours you are still not seeing your website, then you should speak to your host.

Another cause of your website not displaying is that you might have uploaded all of the site files to the wrong location. Different web hosts may use different software for managing their hosting accounts, so it’s a fairly common mistake that people make when uploading their files. Again, if you believe this might be the issue, speak to your host. They will be able to move all your files to the correct location without you needing to upload them all again.

Slow Speed of your Web Pages

Page speed is a major issue with a lot of hosts. It is something that is extremely important in terms of SEO and how your website ranks on Google and other search engines. You’ll want your web pages to load as quickly as possible, and if they take longer than 5 seconds, then you are in trouble, as most likely your site visitors will simply leave the website and go elsewhere.

Before signing up to a web host, it’s a good idea to compare the performances of the ones you are interested in. If you head to Fortune Lords, you can find lots of information about the best Minecraft hosts in various countries around the world, and can easily compare their performance, price and customer support.

If you believe that the speed of your website is being affected by the server you are being hosted on, there are a number of online tests you can take. There are some online tools such as GTMetrix or Google Page Insights that will let you test your website. You’ll then be given the results of various tests, including page speed, and it will show you where the main problems lie.

As long as your website has been well optimized and good on-page SEO has been performed, then you should get in touch with your host as quickly as possible and explain the situation to them.

Images or content not loading properly

One very common problem that a lot of people experience is that when they move to a new web host, they notice that some parts of their website are not working properly. The most common such issue being related to images.

There are two reasons why this would happen. The first would be that the images have not been uploaded to the new web host. The second problem is that they have been uploaded, but to the wrong folder.

If you see that your images are not loading, an easy way to check the actual location of them is to right-click your mouse over the image and select “copy image location”. This is the URL of where the browser is trying to load the image from. Paste this URL into notepad or somewhere you can read it.

Is the path structure correct? Are the images that the browser is trying to load in the same path, or can you see that there is a mistake and that the images have been uploaded to a different folder? If this is the case, the quickest fix would be to simply rename that folder to the correct name. Once you’ve done this, refresh the webpage on your browser and check again. You should see that the images are now loading correctly.

Poor Customer Support

In addition to performance, one of the most important factors when picking a web host is the customer support. It is vital that you work with a host who offers 24/7 support, or who at least is very responsive to any support requests that you might submit.

There is nothing worse than having a serious issue with your website and not being able to speak to your host. If you are hosting your business website, you could be potentially losing a large number of clients and revenue. You’ll want any issues resolved as quickly as possible, and for that, you will want to work with a web host that offers top quality and fast support.

In addition to their actual client support system, does your host have active social media accounts through which you can communicate with them? Most good web hosts will have a Facebook and Twitter account at the very least.

When researching which host to work with, it’s a good idea to check their social media accounts and see if they are active or not. You might find that your host hasn’t posted anything since 2016. Though it’s not necessarily a bad thing, you will want to know that there are some additional ways to communicate with them besides their support system.

There will always be problems that occur from time to time with hosting a website. Most of these issues will occur during the first day or so once you’ve uploaded all of your site files. However, you may experience other issues such as downtime, which can occur at any moment. However, in most cases, this downtime will be minimal and not something that will seriously affect your website.

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