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How to delete Google and Gmail account

After sometime some users want to delete the Google or Gmail account for their own reasons, but many doesn’t able to delete it. Many guys asked for the trick to delete the account from Google. So, keeping all those guys in my mind, in this article we’ll share the way to delete Google or Gmail account. Read on




To delete your Google or Gmail account, head to the Google’s preference page. On this page, you will able to see two options ‘Delete products’ and ‘Delete Google account and data’. The first option will allow to delete a specific product of Google like Gmail. And the option will delete your all Google services and data.


Now we will tell the steps to delete your Gmail account, follow the steps:


  • Click on the ‘Delete products’, and it will list all the services of Google.
  • To delete Gmail account, click the bin icon.
  • Once you click the bin icon, a page will pop-up, and it will ask you to enter an email address. To give you access to your other Google service.
  • Once you entered the email address, click the ‘Send Verification Email’.
  • Now open email, and find the mail. And click the link which is in the email.
  • As soon as you click on the link, you we’ll be taken to a webpage. Where you have to confirm your action again. Once you confirmed and click the delete button.
  • Your Gmail account will be history forever.


If you think that your deleted Gmail account, can be use by some others. Then don’t worry guys, the deleted email address cannot be use by you or some other in future. And all of your emails will be deleted automatically.


To delete the entire Google account, follow the steps:


  • Click the second option called ‘Delete Google account and data’.
  • Select the two checkboxes.
  • And click the ‘Delete Account’.


That’s it! All of your Google account and data will be history.


If you guys find any issue while deleting the account, then just ask on our social media networks and we will be happy to help you.


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