Different Categories Of Apps Available In The App Store

There are ideally thirty three different categories of apps that you will get in the Google Play store and another twenty four great categories in the App store of Apple. However, according to the recent research of Statistica it is found that only seven such app categories have found a way to reach to an entice more than 3% of users.

This clearly indicates the purposes that people uses these mobile apps for. It seems that they tend to use these apps for different varied purposes that include:

  • Business
  • Personal
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Playing games
  • Educating themselvesand of course
  • For relaxing.

Take a look at the different types of apps that are available on the market that you can use for different purpose according to your choice.

The gaming apps

The most popular category among all types of apps by far is the gaming apps that have more than 24% of usage as it is revealed by the data of the App Store. Well, there is nothing officially surprising about it surely. According to the same research it is suggested that the average personal time spent on such gaming apps is only going to increase over time.

Mobile gaming apps is supposed to be the most thriving one that prompts the app developers to design and invest more time and resources into it. They constantly create new games apps and different mobile versions of different stationary games that are well-known.

If you consider the perspective of the users of these gaming apps, it offers a high level of sense of achievement as well as high engagement level in the process. It is found that the average gaming session is about 8 minutes and if you consider the perspective of the app developers it seems to be that the game apps category is the most profitable one for them.

The different types of gaming apps available now both for theAndroid and the iOSdevices are:

  • Clash of Clans
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Angry Birds Go
  • Temple Run
  • Solitaire and
  • Trivial Crack.

Mind you this is not an exhaustive list of gaming apps.

The business apps

These special apps are also referred to as productivity apps. In comparison and as per the research data the business apps hold the second place among all apps categories as a considerable share of 10% users. This rise in popularity of the business apps are all due to the advent of the modernday smartphones that are capable of doing a lot of complex and never thought of jobs on the run.

You can use these apps for different purposes such as:

  • Billing
  • Buying
  • Booking
  • Sending emails
  • Tracking the work in progress and much more.

These business apps vary from personal apps, B2B applications, office use and much more but all aims at boosting the level of productivity and to reduce the expenses to the minimum level just with one single tp.

Different types of business apps that can be used for both Android as well as the iOSversions of smart phones include:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Facebook Pages Manager
  • VoxerWalkie Talkie Messenger
  • Square Register – Point of Sale
  • Dragon Dictation and
  • Indeed Job Search.

The business apps are very popular and used by all types of businesses whether it is for selling any products or services. Various sites such as have a dedicated app apart from their website to boost the organic traffic towards their site, increase their chances of conversion and thereby generate more sales.

Educational apps

Thereare a huge number of educational apps available as well on the market though these are a bit blurry in its content. When it comes to self-education, these apps are the top 3 in the category of mobile apps. These apps are helpful for the kids, the students and even for an individual as these help them to adjust their learning pace.

Moreover, it is found in the recent reviews that several of these educational apps are also found to be very useful for teachers as well. These apps help them to organizing their teaching process and schedules in a better way and at the same time educate themselves.

A few of the educational appsthat work equally well for both the Android and the iOS versions includes:

  • Duolingo that helps to learn different languages for free
  • Photomaththat comes with a camera and calculator
  • TED
  • Quizlet which is actually a Flashcard and Language App that helps the users to study as well as practice and
  • Lumositythat helps in brain training.

In addition to that you will also get a few lifestyle apps which also happen to be the widest category in apps. This is because these apps entail the common aspects of human activities and interests. It involves activities such as:

  • Shopping
  • Fashion
  • Fitness and workout tracker
  • Weight loss and even
  • Virtual fitting room.

These apps come with a lot of technical innovations that helps in performing different personal and working tasks of an individual with a better and more dynamic solution. It also helps them in their leisure and fun. These apps include:

  • Tinder
  • PINK Nation
  • The DailyHoroscope
  • Text Free
  • AroundMe
  • The Game by Hot or Not


Once again, all these apps can be used for both Android as well as iOS versions.

Few other types of apps

There are also a few entertainment apps that you can choose that will help you in different jobs like:

  • Chatting
  • Streaming
  • Searching events
  • Posting photos on Instagram
  • Watching videos onlineand so on.

Since these apps agitate your mind and invoke a type of dependency, keep you engaged and logged in to check in updates always, these are closely compared with the gaming apps in effectiveness. Few of the entertainment apps include:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • NBC
  • Dubsmash and
  • Talking Tom Cat.

You can also choose different utility apps such as:

  • Bitmoji
  • Flashlight
  • QR Reader
  • Speed test
  • My Verizon and lots more.

If you are losing for travel apps consider using Google Earth, Uber, Airbnband others.

However, these are just the general categories of apps as there are lots of other app categories and types.


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