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Do you Remember the Worst Mobile Phones Ever?

People started using the word “smartphone” more than 20 years ago. But we all agree that the modern smartphone came into existence just over a decade ago, when Apple launched the innovative iPhone. Google launched Android shortly afterwards, and since then we have seen numerous types of smartphones appear. In fact, some of this new equipment is great, others are not so good, and some are horrible.

In this article we are going to talk about the worst of the worst. In fact, there are many reasons why we can consider a smartphone to be bad. Some equipment from little-known brands may actually be the worst smartphones of all time. However, we decided to focus on the glorious failures of the biggest brands. If you have any of these phones, then you have our deepest and most sincere sympathy.

Motorola Rokr E1

In a recognized effort to try to keep up with the enthusiasm that arose at the time for the Apple iPod, Motorola threw itself headlong into the Rokr E1. It was a phone with an Apple iTunes music player that had been officially licensed and integrated into the new phone.

All of this with the advantage that, unlike Apple equipment, it can store more than 50 songs at a time. The Rokr E1 was launched in 2005 and hit stores around the same time that Apple launched the iPod Nano.

At the time it was a smaller device capable of storing up to 4 GB of music. In fact, Apple executives must have laughed a lot after signing the license agreement with Motorola.

Modu phone

Are you one of those who like the phone not only because you can call anyone, but also because you can listen to your favorite musics? So maybe you already had a Modu phone. It proved to be a piece of equipment that went against market trends.

This basic mobile phone, if inserted into an MP3 cover, would transform its appearance. In fact, these features not only improved the user experience, but added new capabilities.

Yes, there was something fascinating about this transformer concept, but something was missing that turned out to be a crucial element. The Modu mobile phone assumed that we wanted to choose the features we would like most. When we actually wanted phones to do everything.

Nokia N-Gage

With the recent fashion of mobile games, we could think that Nokia was a step ahead. But the reality is that Nokia just didn’t think enough about the new concept. In other words, they did not realize that the success of the new concept would depend mainly on how many games the device was able to make available to users.

In addition, it was a rather clumsy phone, making it difficult to recommend the N-Gage. In other words, it was not simply a phone or a game console. This caused this strange equipment to fall into technological limbo.

Nokia 7280

In a way, we don’t enjoy having to include the Nokia 7280 in this list. This is because it was one of the truly unique mobile phones in the short history of mobile phones. At the time Nokia replaced the Nokia 7280’s boring numeric keypad with a rotary switch. Indeed, they created an innovative phone that was shaped like a lipstick.

It’s a retro-inspired aesthetic that would have been successful if Nokia’s fascinating concept was worth it. Unfortunately, it never happened and it became a worse failure than the Bobcats in 2011, the worst team in NBA history.

Nokia openly admitted that there was a fair reason why all other phones had keyboards. The rotary knob was good for dialing numbers, but a nightmare for writing SMS. In addition, it was almost as painful to navigate through the menus.

Written by: João Santos

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