Echo vs Echo Plus – Difference, Cost, Feature Comparison

Echo vs Echo Plus - Difference, Cost, Feature Comparison

Echo vs Echo Plus Comparison, which should you buy?

If you’ve been paying attention to the Amazon commercials, then you’ve seen the Echo. An amazing smart speaker with AI technology. In this article, the comparison will be made between the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus. The AI technology trend has been on the Amazon list since 2014 when the company first launched the Amazon Echo. The company took a chance with creating a voice-activated digital assistant in the form of small speakers that can switch off your TVs or read you the weather. The user has the ability to say “Alexa” and ask any question that is on their mind to be answered. This device is notably futuristic. This set the stage for other evolving AI speakers and devices. The revolutionary technology has allowed millions to speak to a speaker for anything. Order pizza, fly a drone, call 9-1-1, ask for the weather, or turn on household electronics. Now in 2018, there are several different Amazon devices that offer Alexa voice assistant, AI-driven smart speaker, but which of the newly released devices should you get for your home? In this article, the comparison will be made between the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus.

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Echo Plus: Specs

The Amazon Echo is equipped with a speaker size of 2.5″ woofer, a device size of148 x 88 x 88 mm and weighs at 821 g. The Echo comes in charcoal, grey, or sandstone with Finishes of oak, walnut, or silver.

The Amazon Echo Plus is equipped with 2.5″ woofer as well with a device size of 235 x 84 x 84 mm and weight 954 g. The Echo Plus comes in black, white, or silver. The biggest difference between the two in this aspect is that the Echo has an upward0 firing of 0.6 whereas the Echo Plus has an upward-firing of 0.8, which gives it a slightly better sound quality. This is something that is noticeable more so to those that have an ear for sound quality and can spot even the slight disruption.

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Echo Plus: Design

The design part is often overlooked by few, but the new Echo is shorter than the Echo Plus which stands tall. Also, the Echo comes in fabric or solid finishes while the Echo Plus only has solid finishes.

With an 88mm diameter, the Echo is large in size than the Echo Plus, which is only measuring at 84mm diameter. The Echo Plus is also 235mm tall while the Echo stands at 148mm. When it comes to the weight, the Echo Plus is around 15% heavier.

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Echo Plus: Third party smart home device integration

It’s very clear that both devices can control many smart home electronics, such as smart lights, TV, dishwasher, or washer. Unfortunately, the lights are all that the Echo can control. The Echo Plus is more of a smart-home control center that has ease of access when it comes to the setup of your smart home devices. Amazon did make a statement that the built-in smart hub within the Echo Plus allows the connections between home devices easy. The user can simply say, “Alexa, discover my devices.” The system will locate and pair with the devices.

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Echo Plus: Price

When the price is concerned, it will always depend on what the user is looking for within the device. The Echo is ₹7,999 and the new Echo Plus is ₹14,999.

If you are interested more in the sound quality and ease of accessibility for connecting your smart home devices without a hassle, then the Echo Plus is the AI geared Bluetooth speaker to get. On another note, if you want a cheaper option that is not far from the Echo Plus when it comes to the specifications. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but if your home is a smart appliance and device driven, the Echo may not be the best option.

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