Eight Tech-Related Things Every Tech Noob Should Know

Eight Tech-Related Things Every Tech Noob Should Know

Today, almost everything requires technology to operate. From developing a smartphone to backing a cake, every action, subject, and industry have one thing in common, technology. The current business environment cannot function efficiently if we remove technological elements from the equation resources invested and the output produced.

Technical know-how is a modern-day requirement since it has taken over for the betterment of the business environment. Technology has made things easier for every individual, team, and organization.

You must understand that technology comes with a set of functions that you need to know to maximize its usefulness. It may seem troubling as a non-technical person would not know how much knowledge they should acquire. However, there are a few tech-related things that are even simple for amateurs to grasp. If you know the following, you’ll probably save yourself a lot of embarrassment in front of tech-geeks. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll focus on websites.

  • Hosting, its kinds, and the right choice

As all domains run through a hosting provider, it would be best to know your domain’s location and the kind of servers it requires to access and operate it. It is essential to know about one of the four domain choices you have. According to your need, you can opt for the following four domains: 

  1. Shared.
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS).
  3. Dedicated.
  4. Cloud.

Before deciding on the hosting provider, you must know and understand each of the providers mentioned above in detail. Many domains are available, but you must choose the right hosting provider by considering the following factors:

  1. Budget and bandwidth.
  2. Business goals and objectives.
  3. Traffic generation.
  4. Kind of content.
  • Content Management System (CMS)

After finalizing your hosting provider and domain, you must focus on utilizing a content management system or CMS to access, manage, navigate, and customize your website and its content. In the long run, a good CMS also makes performing a site audit relatively easy. WordPress and Drupal are CMSs that allow you to understand the kind of files, folders, and documents your website supports, how to play an administrative role, how much space you need to store data, what can be customized, and how to navigate to different pages of your website. It is also essential to access the control panel of a CMS to see what kind of plug-ins you can access, utilize, and manage. A CMS is also helpful in updating and assigning necessary permissions to the website data, files, documents, and folders.

  • Website Structure

Whether you are developing a website from scratch or revamping the current one, you must know about the basic structure of a website. The idea is to design a simplified and organized website so that navigation becomes more straightforward. To incorporate content, you must know where it displays on the website. This includes headers, navigation bars, key content, articles, sidebar, footer, etc.

  • HTML coding and its basics

Knowing everything about the HTML concept is not possible. However, as a newbie, you should at least understand the basics of the language. Understanding HTML basics will help you recognize and resolve both complex and trivial problems on your web page. The following are some of the HTML tags you need to know:

  1. Header text: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>
  2. New paragraph: ‘<p>’
  3. Line break: ‘<br>’
  4. Bolded text: ‘<strong>’
  5. Italicized text: ‘<em>’
  6. Underlined text: ‘<u>’
  7. Hyperlinks: ‘<a>’
  • The concept of JavaScript and CSS

Knowing and writing every code is not possible for a person who does not develop a website. However, you must know why and how these concepts come into play. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript are the two focal points of any HTML website. The HTML code is responsible for providing a structure to the website. On the other hand, the CSS code controls the website’s appearance, such as the text’s color. And last, the responsiveness and behavior of the webpage are programmed by JavaScript.

  • Search engine optimization

SEO or search engine optimization plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Knowing its basics will be helpful in the long run. Every piece of content you produce needs to be optimized for search engines so that your website can be indexed. Knowing how to use technical SEO tools is essential as your website must be displayed on Google whenever people search for something on the internet. It would also help to know that optimization is not only limited to content, but you must optimize your website for various search engines and smartphones. The following are the essential elements to consider:

  1. Title tags.
  2. Meta description.
  3. Image alt tags.
  4. Canonical tags.
  5. Anchor text and internal links.


  • Readdresses and status codes

You must have seen 404-page errors and similar status codes whenever you open up a website. This is because, at some point, you will face such redirects and codes while browsing the internet. Therefore, you must know what they mean, and the following are the status codes:

  1. Page loads correctly: 200
  2. Redirected to a new URL permanently: 301
  3. Redirected to a new URL temporarily: 302
  4. Page does not exist: 404
  • Secured webpage

After you deploy your website, you need to know how to keep it protected and well-maintained at all times. It is essential to get an SSL certificate and learn how to guard your website from SQL injections and cross-site scripting. It is also significant to maintain a backup for all your files, folders, and data. A secure website also comes in handy when trying to optimize your website for better rankings. A protected website is considered reliable as compared to an unsafe, unprotected, and non-reliable webpage.

Summing up

We can easily conclude that knowing and understanding tech-related concepts is a must for everyone. However, knowing everything is not possible for someone who is not an application or web developer. Hence, the pointers mentioned above will allow you to understand the basics of technology and incorporate technological advancements and use them to your benefit. Technology has made lives easier, simpler, and fast. If understanding a few things can help us in the long run.

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