Electric Folding Bikes - Are they worth the trouble?
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Electric Folding Bikes – Are they worth the trouble?

As convenient as they are, folding bikes have continued to play second fiddle to other types of bikes for many biking enthusiasts. You are likely to encounter just a handful of them when you hit the streets.

However, these bikes are beginning to attract interest from fans, especially with the introduction of electric folding bikes. These bikes are not only functional but also sport a charming design that will impress both the young and the old.

Despite this, some skeptics still criticize them for being expensive and heavy. So, in light of all these split opinions, you might be wondering; are electric folding bikes worth all the trouble?

One of the main reasons why folding electric bikes don’t get appreciated enough is their weight. The addition of a battery and a motor sure does add some weight to the bike. Depending on the model you are buying, the battery, motor, and other accessories may add up to 40 pounds of extra weight to a regular bike weight you’re used to.

Some people might also point out the premium price tags of these electric two-wheelers when compared to regular bikes. Nevertheless, It’s not all doom and gloom for electric folding bikes.

In fact, their not-so-impressive attributes are a drop in the ocean compared to the overall practicality and convenience they offer. And before you pass on the opportunity to get your hands on a brand-new folding e-bike, consider the following benefits they come with:

No Special License Needed

When it comes to folding e-bikes, one of the conveniences you are going to enjoy is that there are no interruptions from authorities on the road. Unlike motorcycles, mopeds, and other forms of motor-powered vehicles, folding e-bikes do not require a special license to operate.

This is because they are operable manually, and as far as the law is concerned, electric folding bikes are just like any other regular bikes.

Protection from Theft/Vandalism

Unfortunately, there’s always a potential for your bike to get stolen, especially when you leave it lying around unattended to. As much as you may use a lock or a chain to try and prevent this; the truth is that even the strongest chains and most complicated locks can be compromised.

The advantage of folding e-bikes is that chances of theft are greatly reduced compared to regular bicycles. This is thanks to their foldability, which allows you to store your folding bike safely in your car, or bring it along to the office, as well as the restaurant to keep a close eye on it.

Portable and Easy to Store

Despite being heavier than conventional bikes, folding electric bicycles  are still lighter than motorcycles and mopeds. When you combine this with the fact that they can be folded in half, you end up with a very portable vehicle that you can easily transport in your car.

This also means that the bike occupies little space in its folded state, making it quite simple to store. If you are living in a small apartment, storing a folding e-bike will be more practical than storing a full-sized bicycle.

There are a number of affordable models to fit your space and schedule – just read about Electric-Biking’s recommended E-bikes! 

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Easy and Cheap Commute

The one major problem with a traditional bike is that riding it ends up with you being a hot mess; except for when you are doing it to exercise. If you use your bike to commute to work, this is not the state you want to arrive at the office.

Aside from the sweating, the manual pedaling can take a toll on your joints and muscles. Fortunately, e-bikes greatly reduce the work done on your bike with their assisted-pedaling feature. This means you’ll get to work all fresh, clean, and in time.

These bikes are also cheap to operate; recharging them will cost you a small fraction of what you spend on fuel for your vehicle or motorcycle in a month. And even when you run out of charge, you can still use your legs to complete the journey; electric folding bikes are completely manually operable!

This level of versatility ensures that you never run out of juice while on the road, and leaves no chance of getting stranded.

Avoiding Traffic

Nothing can spoil your daily commute more than a traffic snarl-up. Getting stuck in traffic for hours may just end up spoiling your plans for the day! Electric folding bikes offer a great solution to this problem.

Unlike cars or motorbikes, e-bikes can easily fit alleyways and sidewalks to avoid traffic. You are also free to use bike lanes, meaning your chances of being affected by the jam are pretty minimal.


Considering the overall versatility and convenience that electric folding bikes offer, there is a good reason to invest in one of these useful two-wheelers. And while the general notion has been that they are expensive, you can still find good folding options with a price tag that is comfortable for you.

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