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Facebook and Airtel joins hands to launch Express Wi-Fi service

Facebook the social networking joins hand with Airtel to bring millions of Indians online by setting up 20,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across the country.



Both the companies joint hand to launch a new project called Express Wi-Fi service in India, the service is to give affordable and reliable Internet connectivity across the country. The two companies will together launch 20,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across the country with the next few months.


The new Express Wi-Fi service is made to compliment mobile data by giving a low cost, high bandwidth alternative for getting online and access apps, download as well as stream content. With this new partnership, the local entrepreneurs can able to start businesses to offer Internet access to their region at an affordable pricing.


According to source, the cost of access for the Express Wi-Fi hotspots is decided by the partners, not by Facebook and they are set in range between ₹10 for 100 MB and ₹300 for 200 GB of data per day basis.


This is really great to see big deals for India, recently Google set-top hotspots in 100 railway stations across the country and now Facebook also coming.


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Source: BuzzFeed

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