Facebook To Launch New Tool Later This Year

Facebook May Launch Smart Speakers Later This Year

The social networking giant Facebook does not have some good time especially in the section of privacy we already came across various articles which revealed the loopholes of Facebook privacy. The company and its developers always out there to cope up with the issues and give a better platform to its users.

A tool from the company is awaited from a long time and that is Clear History, that will allow users to clear their entire history and it is an important solution to the privacy of every users. Well, now the company has promised to launch its new Clear History tool is scheduled for later this year.

With the new tool, users can able to clear the entire information of the social network which collects about you from third party applications and websites.

This will be really handy for the users because we can able to clear all history and cookies from the browser but we cannot able to clear our important information from the history of the social networking site. And if Facebook launch this, then we can able to solve many of our privacy concerns by wiping the history from the world’s most favourite social networking platform.

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