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Five Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Commercial Access Control System

Different commercial premises or businesses have different needs when it comes to security. The ability to secure your commercial premise effectively is among the greatest challenges you can ever encounter. As a result, there is a necessity that commercial property owners take the required steps to ensure the right security measures have been put in place. This might only be achieved by using the right amount of technology-aided security systems.

What are commercial access control systems and how do they work?

Access control systems are systems that grant entry into a building or premise, allowing only authorized people to be there. Commercial access control systems, therefore, are systems that aim to control, which has access to a commercial place or premises. Besides physical security, there are several reasons why a commercial property might require an access control system.  They are:

  • To comply with the set regulations
  • Track flow of people around the commercial area
  • Reduced crime
  • Secure sensitive data
  • Restriction of unauthorized entry
  • Staff time-keeping and productivity
  • Integration
  • Remote access
  • Peace of mind

Commercial access control systems come in three variations. The Discretionary Access Control (DAC) allows the commercial property owner to decide who gets into the premise or not. The Mandatory Access Control (MAC) allows end-users to gain access through security with established security guidelines, and the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) allows only authorized persons to access sensitive information based on their role within the organization.

What are the factors to consider when selecting the best commercial access control system?

  1. The location

As mentioned above, different locations have different needs when it comes to matters of security. Those located in high-risk or crowded areas such as near the bus terminus or market places require more technology in terms of security, while those located in areas that are not prone to insecurity may need less in terms of security access control systems. It is, therefore, essential to have that in mind when selecting a suitable access control system.

  1. Traffic flow in the commercial area

Before selecting the right best commercial access control system, you must have in mind the number of people getting in and out of the premises. A robust system is one that can handle and monitor all the visitors without causing delays or overcrowding.  The commercial access control systems should have the ability to serve everyone and on time.

  1. The needs of the premises/ business

Due to the nature of what happens within the premises or commercial property, some of these places may have high-security needs in comparison to others, influencing the choice on the access control system. Some of them may require unique access control systems while some may require normal systems.

  1. The cost of the commercial access control system

Different commercial access control systems, for instance, biometrics access, smart cards, CCTV cameras, and fingerprint access come at varying costs. Each of these has its capacity and level of advancement. It is vital to select the one that best works for you and is within your budget.

  1. The ease of use

Depending on the kind of commercial access control system you choose for your property, you must select one that is easy to use. The system should also be easy to manage, have the ability to integrate with other systems within the business or premises, and not require much monetary obligation to maintain.


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