Fun Android Games That Don't Need Wi-Fi or Data

Fun Android Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi or Data

Mobile gaming is a craze these days. Everyone loves playing them on their smartphones. From racing to sports, chase to puzzle, these games are available in varied hues. Naturally, Android games are among the most played as the operating system has maximum number of users worldwide. Most good games require a wi-fi or data connection to keep you engaged and engrossed for hours on end. If you have issues in accessing internet all the time and you still want to enjoy games, you should them look for those Android games that can be played without a net connect. The good thing, they are in plenty and you can find them easily.

Let’s look at some popular and fun Android games that don’t need wi-fi or data –

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Racing)

This racing game is quite fun to play and rightly so, it features among popular Android games. To play it first time, you will need a net connection to download the maps and files. After that, you can play it anytime and anywhere without needing a net connection. Nice graphics and excellent on-screen controls are some of key features of this game.

  1. Sudoku (Puzzle)

Everyone loves a puzzle game. It keeps the mind boggle and also provides exhilarating experience all though. For the fans of Sudoku games, there is SUDOKU to quench the thirst of high-class puzzles without requiring a net connection. Players can choose from various difficulty levels and enjoy unlimited gameplay as well. And yes, you can leave it anytime and then start from where you had left off.

  1. Badland (Adventure)

Try this game if you’re a fan of adventure games. It will keep you hooked for hours on end as you can play it offline as well. Your goal will be to avoid traps and obstacles through a maze of beautiful forests, flowers and trees. There will be 100 unique levels to keep you glued to the Android device.

  1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Strategy)

If you’re sucker for strategy games, try this one and quench your appetite. It’s an interesting games with real challenges and missions to encounter. As a gamer, your goal will be to defend the 18 towers and for that you need to engage in making strategies. But yes, this game is not free, yet you can play it offline and kill time in an easy manner.

  1. Jetpack Joyride (Arcade)

Play and enjoy this running game without even having a net connection. The game lets you run around an underground lab and get a Jetpack Joyride. The game is interesting and running experience will keep you hooked for hours on end. If you’re fan of arcade game, give it a try for sure.

  1. Word Link (Puzzle)

How about playing a game that helps build vocabulary? Try this interesting game that helps build your knowledge of words. The gameplay will need you to swipe on the screen and keep going on making words. You can play it even without an active wi-fi or net connection. This classis game for fit for those looking value out of an Android game.

  1. Legend of Darkness (Role Playing)

Play this interesting game if role playing is your idea of fun. You can play this game off-line where the goal is to kill monsters and progress to the next level. Gamers need to collect materials and make tools to kill or destroy monsters. You will have awards to in if you kill monster. Try this one to kill your time, and monsters too.

  1. Blazing Sniper (Shooting)

This is one of most interesting shooting games to play offline. The game has easy control and games will have plenty of tasks to perform. Endless mode is there with over 50 shooter tasks to accomplish and enjoy the game. Graphics are nice and you will surely get a good experience while playing this shooting game.

  1. Skull Towers (Strategy)

Try this engrossing game that belongs to strategy category. You can play it without a net connection and enjoy the role of an archer to perfection. The goal will to stop the enemies and defend the realm. There will be plenty to think and strategize over in this game. The best thing, you can play it non-stop without a wi-fi or data connection.

  1. Eternium (Action)

You can this time interesting role-playing game for hours and still crave for some more! The game has to fight a variety of creatures like dragons, zombies, aliens to stay off the harm way. You can get in-app purchase and add to the fun quotient easily. And the best part, you won’t need wi-fi or net connection to have all this fun.

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