Get an additional 2GB space in Drive for Security Check-up

The searching giant
company, Google offering free 2GB of free space in your Google Drive on the
occasion of Safer Internet Day. All you
have to do a quick Security Check-up and you’ll get 2GB space in your Drive
with permanent validity.
What kind of check-up:
your account recovery information.
Review on
activity.
your Mobile Number.
apps and devices which are connected with your account.
In case you are not
able to do Security check-up, nothing to worry because you have time until February
17th. and please keep in mind that 2GB of additional storage may not
come right away, it will automatically come after Google’s monitoring. And it
will deposit to everyone account around 28 February 2016, you will get a email
from Google about the additional storage.
Unfortunately, Google
excluded, Google apps for work and Google apps for education from this offer. A
link to Google Security Check-up can be found below.
So guys, do your
Security check-up for being safe and to avail the additional space in your
Google Drive.
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