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Get to Know More about RNG in Video Games

You may have thought about how a game provides a complex concept, and almost us are dizzy to think about it. Check out the reviews about RNG in video games about it. Maybe some people will not think about how a game works, which of course, will be a “headache” for itself. Yes, because actually connoisseurs of various online games only want to feel the excitement of the games offered, not think about how a game works or the process of running a game. Its same like people playing online gambling on agen judi poker because they just want to feel the excitement playing online gambling with so much deposit bonus in that site. A game is composed of various codes and complex algorithms, so it’s impossible for someone who is not in that field to understand how the game works. But, have you ever thought about how a game works, what processes are carried out, how to determine enemy damage, and so on? One well-known algorithm plays a big role in determining the concept of a game running, namely the Random Number Generator. So, what exactly is RNG in video games?

Get to know more about RNG.

Simply put, the Random Number Generator (RNG) is an algorithm whose job is to generate various random numbers. These random numbers will be a determinant of a process that will run in a game, such as what rare items will be obtained by players when defeating enemies, where enemies will appear, which maps will be displayed, and so on. Almost all online games nowadays use the RNG algorithm system, which helps all game concepts run smoothly. An example that you often find in s128 where player can gambling on them like poker, cockfight adn Etc. The other Example, RPG games, where when a player shoots a gun or attacks an enemy, then it turns out that the shot is a miss or critical; that’s the RNG function in video games.

Types of games that apply RNG

If asked what types of games apply the RNG algorithm, the answer is that almost all games use the concept of the RNG algorithm. Yes, this algorithm is considered very important to support the process of running a game, even games on a smartphone! Imagine if an online game doesn’t use this algorithm, there is only a match that doesn’t change at all, whether on the map, the items it has, even rare items will always appear or never appear. There is no exception to casino games or other similar games that determine numbers for each spin. They use the RNG in video games to generate prizes and unique numbers as jackpots. In the world of video games, this algorithm is also used in the world of network security, where RNG is used to encrypt a protocol with various completely random numbers.

Luck vs. Skill

Maybe you have experienced an incident where you played an online game but did not get useful items, even though you have struggled to use the most excellent skills to defeat the enemy. Or vice versa, you feel lucky to have interesting items that can be used to upgrade your character, even though your skills are not as excellent as other players. Yes, that is the impact of using RNG. However, it’s not all wrong! The use of RNG will make a game more memorable and exciting and eliminate boredom and dullness. You will be treated to various events that you did not think before because they are completely random! Despite all your efforts, the RNG will determine your destiny in the game.

A good thing or a bad thing?

Returning to the above discussion, sometimes RNG does give a sense of unfairness to players who have played an online game for years with good skills. It is suddenly beaten by players who either have good skills or not but have rare items or characters and have the power above it. Yes, it seems unfair, but if you look back at the original goal, that RNG was created to provide an exciting and not monotonous experience, it feels fair to see this algorithm still running. The reason is, if a game does not install an algorithm, even a Tetris game, there will be no excitement in the game because players already know the gameplay, and it’s easy to guess.

Conclusion for RNG

There are many pros and cons about this RNG, whether it must be maintained or vice versa, it must be removed from a game. Behind all of that, there is a positive side that can be taken in using this RNG algorithm; the game will be more exciting and harder to predict and present various items or unique characters—for example, the Mobile Legend game, which is very popular lately. The game has no end even though it was launched several years ago. Games that are increasingly made difficult, opponents are forced to random, to items that are difficult to collect, causing many players more enthusiastic about playing them, even until the night goes on and doesn’t sleep! RNG gives more color to various competitions or online game tournaments and is more exciting!

Those are some brief explanations about the RNG in video games. So, do you support the RNG algorithm or vice versa?


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