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Getting Male Fertility Testing Done At Home Using Your Smartphone

One of the most innate desires of many couples is to have children. When they keep trying and cannot get one, they need to take steps to know why it is so. One of the steps is testing the man’s fertility to see if he has a low sperm count. Male infertility is the inability of a male to cause a fertile woman to be pregnant. It accounts for about one-third of all infertility cases and is mostly due to deficiencies in a man’s semen. A man’s semen quality will determine how fertile he is. This article here expatiates more on this.

A lot of time the burden of not conceiving falls on the woman. This can be attributed to many different factors. First, testing a male at the clinic is quite expensive and might not be covered by insurance. Secondly, it can be pretty embarrassing and awkward for the man. The result is an unwillingness by a lot of men to go through with any kind of test that can make them appear incomplete.

These days, there are apps and devices that a man can use to test his fertility at home instead of having to go through the awkward and embarrassing experience of having to visit a lab to get the test. These home test kits are affordable and easy to use. This helps not only take the burden away from women but also helps in family planning. The couple can easily know where the issue lies and then they can proceed to find a solution for it.

How Does It Work?

When you get the test kit, each contains disposable supplies such as collection cups, testing slides, plastic pipettes, liquefying powder and also the testing device for at least two sperm tests.

You can watch a video demonstration of how it is used here:

You put the sample semen into the collection cup, add liquefying powder and mix it by slightly shaking the cup. Be sure to leave it for about 10 minutes. Next, connect the testing device to your smartphone on which the testing app must have been installed prior to this. Using the included pipette, put a small sample of the semen onto the testing slide where there is a red dot then insert it fully into the testing device. Next, click the “start testing” button on the phone. In about two to three minutes, the app analyses the semen and gives a result that can be sent to your urologist or anyone you need to.

These tests cost less than $35 per test compared to over $100 in the laboratory. They are FDA approved and have an accuracy greater than 97%. You also get your results immediately. You can also test yourself against other men who have fathered children, track sperm motility and understand your sperm quality which makes conception easier and faster.

Asides men using this at home, due to its affordability, smaller hospitals and clinics that might not have hitherto been able to afford standard sperm analyzers which cost several thousand dollars can use this rather than having to do manual semen analysis which can be inaccurate can leverage on the kit. This app and device can also be useful for men who have done vasectomy. They can use it to track their fertility or a lack of it. This will help them to know if the operation was successful. This is important because about 0.15 percent of vasectomies fail, meaning that a small percentage of men can still be fertile after their vasectomy procedure and not know it.

What we have looked at here means that male fertility testing is now much easier, affordable and accessible. The fact that it is totally confidential, aside from being convenient, means that more men will be comfortable with it.


Testing a man’s fertility at home is just the beginning and can be limited. This is because the device basically tests only the man’s sperm quality and motility. There are many other factors that can be wrong which require a more in-depth examination. Such examinations and tests are beyond the scope of this kit.

Testing at home is a good place to start. After using the home kit to test and you still have infertility issues or believe you need further examination, you should visit a fertility clinic for further tests.

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