Google Releases Android Distribution Chart Of August 2018

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Back in last month, we saw the Android Oreo (both v8.0 and v8.1) started to strengthen its share in the Android distribution. Well, today the Mountain View company Google released the Android distribution report for August and it says that the latest version of the Android i.e. Android 9.0 Pie, secured its place in the distribution chart. So, without any delay let’s dive into the article to check the latest statistics of the Android versions.

Google Releases Android Distribution Chart Of August 2018

Android Distribution Chart

Well, as we know that the search engine giant Google rolled out the new Android 9.0 Pie in the early days of August and the operating system is limited to the Pixels and the Essential PH-1. So, we can safely assume that the latest version has 0.1%, but the company hasn’t included the numbers in the distribution chart. The new version of Android is expected to roll out very soon and OEMs such as Vivo, Sony, Motorola, HTC, already confirmed the list of devices which will receive the update. Furthermore, next month Google is expected to unveil the much awaited Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and both the devices will definitely come with the latest version of the Android. That means we will see a growth in the coming months.

Google Releases Android Distribution Chart Of August 2018

Let’s move to the Oreo, in the previous report, the v8.0 of the OS was at the 10.1% share, and the v8.1 was at 2.0% of share. But in the latest report, the Android Oreo 8.0 has 11.4% share and the 8.1 version is installed in 3.2%. Well, the new version of Android has secured 14.6%. The growth is really great and happy to see, that the OEMs are rolling out the latest update in right time and also thanks to many new devices which are coming with the Oreo.

Moving to the Nougat (which is new and last major update for many devices), is continuously losing its numbers but the version is continuing its top position on the table, this month it has a total share of 30.8%.

Coming to the older versions, Android Marshmallow continuously going down and, in this month, its dropped by 0.8% and the OS is now active on 22.7% of devices. However, it is still the second in the Android distribution chart. Speaking about the Lollipop, the numbers continuously going down, both the versions (v5.0 and v5.1) of Lollipop and now it is active on 19.2%. In terms of Android KitKat, it also goes down by 0.5% and in this month, it is active in a total number of 8.6%.

Talking about the Jelly Bean, it is also going down and now active in 3.5% devices, Ice Cream Sandwich remains on 0.3% devices and the Gingerbread gained 0.1% in this month, and its active on 0.3%.

So, these are the new numbers of Android distribution chart and as I mentioned above that in next month we will see new flagships from Google and brands are expected to roll out the latest version of Android. We can also expect that the previous version of Android will get more strength in the report of the next month.

So, which Android version are you running on your device??? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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