Google rolling out new feature in Play service

Google rolling out a new feature which is called Instant Tethering, and the update is coming as part of a server-side update to the Google Play service. The new features is supposed to make easier to connect a device with a mobile hotspot.



According to the source, this feature is part of Google Play service 10.2. Basically, if you have more than one Android device and that shares one Google account. Then the new feature ‘Instant Tethering’ will allow one of those products to find any of those others and that also have a data connection. So, they can automatically connect to the device and share the data with each other.


This feature will really come handy for those have a device without Wi-Fi hardware, for example: if you have smartphone and tablet (which is not having Wi-Fi), then the tablet can contact with the data of your smartphone. Moreover, the new feature will also display the battery percentage of the connecting device. The new ‘Instant Tethering’  can be enable by heading to the Settings > Google Menu.


Google is beginning to roll out this feature, so it may take a few days for the update and to reach on your devices.


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