Government Of India Takes U-Turn; Stops Online Stores From Selling Electronic Goods

Government Of India Takes U-Turn; Stops Online Stores From Selling Electronic Goods

Key Points:
  • Last week the government of India issued an order to allow e-commerce platforms to sell electronic goods.
  • But suddenly it takes a u-turn and now it is not allowed.
  • Only essential items will be allowed.

Since the lockdown was announced in March by the government of India, the online retail stores were stopped selling electronic goods and other products but then the same extended till May 3 and issued a revised order in last week that allowed the online stores to sell electronic products from April 20 onwards which means today. However, there is u-turn in this decision and now it is not allowed.

Just a couple of hours ago, the Ministry of Home Affairs released a press release and that confirms the online retail stores of the country would not be allowed to sell any kind of products until further order and e-Commerce platform will be allowed to sell only the essential products.

Having said that, the reason for reversing the order is not known at this moment of time but we believe that it is a good decision by the government of India because there is a huge risk involved in purchasing goods via online at this moment of time. Moreover, it is not practical to sanitize each and every product which is stored in the warehouse of each and every online store and we also need to interact with the delivery boy and that is another risk factor.

We recommend you to stay tuned with us for more interesting and also stay at home for your safety and also for others.

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