Here’s The Android-Powered Robot

Here's The Android-Powered Robot

If you have ever wished to have a hoverboard to operate like a robot, then here is your dream come true Product. A robot is coming with the power of Android, it will make you ride, and you can enjoy having it with your side. The robot is called Loomo, which is developed by the Segway-Ninebot subdivision Segway Robotics.

The Loomo can go up to 11 miles per hour, and you can ride on it up to 22 miles on a single charge. Loomo will provide you all the ability of a normal hoverboard, as you can lean forward to accelerate the speed of the robot and lean back to slow down the speed or to go back side. And the new product will allow you to turn by pressing your left or right knee against its center.

Here's The Android-Powered Robot

Moreover, Loomo has an 11-inch tires which should withstand on- and off-road. It has RealSense ZR300 camera and a series of ultrasonic, infrared, and touch sensors. They feed data into Loomo’s Detection and Tracking System (DTS) and Human Understanding System (HUS). The DTS allows the robot to detect and avoid any obstacles when the robot mode enabled, on the other hand, the HUS will recognize user’s face and tracks.

It sports 4.3 inch display, along with 1080 pixels resolution and has 64 GB storage on board to save all the footage and documents, it also comes with five microphones to respond to the user’s voice commands, though the user can use a companion app on their smartphone and touch sensors on the body to give the instructions. Moreover, developers can expand the functionality via the Android SDK through the software updates. Speaking about the price and availability, it will come with the price tag of $1,800, though the users who purchase in the early days will get it for $1,300, as you can pre-order it from the official website. And the company will ship the robot in May 2018.

So, are you excited for this Loomo robot??? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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