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Hidden Apple Watch Tricks In 2020


The Apple Watch is a remarkable feat that Apple gave its customers. There are tons of cool apps to choose from the app store. The watch also has some useful features with which you can maximise your usage. They had designed this smartwatch to help people with some very useful tools.

Let us help you with the killer tricks that you can perform with this smartwatch.

Personalising The App Dock

When you use the watch for the first time, the default app dock consists of apps that have been set by the company as per the universal requirement. But you can set your preferred apps on the dock, and customise it in the order you want.

To do so, you have to

  1. Open your device
  2. Go to My watch in settings
  3. Choose Dock and Tap on favourites

You can list up to ten apps as favourites, and the same will be displayed when you use your watch.

Setting Up Replies

The  watch is extremely helpful for quick communication. Suppose you want to reject a call with a message, you no longer need to take out your device. You can set up the Smart Reply feature on your  watch and select a pre-saved or a template-based reply to reject a call.

To customise these responses and use them the next time you get a call, follow the guidelines mentioned here:

  1. Open the Watch app on your device
  2. Go to My Watch
  3. Select Messages
  4. Tap on default replies
  5. Finally on “add a reply” enter your custom message

Change The Watch Orientation

There is no general rule as to in which hand you want to wear your smartwatch. It has this option by which you can switch how your watch shows you the time and other details. You can also change your mind one day and wear your  watch on a different hand.

It should not be a problem if you know how to change the watch orientation.

You can change that by:

  1. Going to Watch app on your device
  2. Click on My watch and go to general
  3. Find watch orientation
  4. Choose from the options of “wear watch on” and “digital crown on” to tailor it to your needs

Taking A Screenshot

Screenshots are not limited to computers and mobile phones. You can take a screenshot on your  smartwatch in some very easy steps.

Firstly, you have to ensure that you have enabled the screenshot feature for your watch.

Go as stated below:

  1. Watch app on your device
  2. Select My Watch
  3. Select General
  4. Click on Enable Screenshots

Once this option is enabled, taking a screenshot is half a second away. Press the side button of the  watch and the digital crown on the other side until you hear a snap.

The screenshot once taken will be saved in the Photos app in your device.

Unlocking Your Macbook Laptop

One of the coolest features of Apple Watch that most of you were not aware of unlocking your  laptop. If you have the latest edition of a MacBook and an Apple Watch, you no longer need to unlock your laptop by entering a password.

Ensure that both the devices are signed in with the same Apple ID. To set up this unlocking feature, you need to:

  1. Go to System Preferences on your MacBook
  2. Security and Privacy
  3. General
  4. Check on last option of unlocking feature.

Customising The App Layout

Based on the way you want to look at the app tray on your  Watch, you can customise the app layout. You can choose between the usual honeycomb grid view or an intuitive list view. Make sure, that your watch is running on WatchOS4, to use this feature.

To switch between these two view types, you need to press the centre of your watch screen to launch the Watch Apps. The option to switch between Grid and List views would be there.

Siri On Apple Watch

When talking about Apple products, you certainly cannot forget their very helpful virtual assistant, SIRI. SIRI works the same way in the  watch as it does for the devices. SIRI has become more intelligent with the latest watchOS upgrade.

It can now give you information about your body vitals and gives you answers to all the necessary questions. To wake up SIRI, you do not need to say “Hey SIRI” anymore.

There is a novel raise to activate SIRI option with which you can talk to SIRI just by raising your wrist wearing the watch. The age-old way of pressing the digital crown to activate SIRI still exists in all Apple watches.


With so many pro tips, you can make use of your  watch in some unique ways. Make your friends wonder how you learnt these cool tricks.



Author’s Bio:

Sachin Prajapati is Author at Weararena. Having experience with 2 years of writing about wearable things and other gadgets. I love to explore and write on different topics of new technologies news and wearable gadgets reviews.

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