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High qualities apps will now rank higher in Google Play Store

To increase the quality of apps on Play Store, Google tightening all things. As Google revealed in a blog, that the company has tweaked Google Play Search and discovery algorithm. With this higher quality apps, which don’t have any stability issues and crash on a regular basis will rank higher in the search results of the Google Play Store.


The Mountain View company says, the new change has had a positive impact on engagement with the apps. Which means, users who installs high quality apps on their devices, use them more and don’t uninstall them quite as often.


The blog reads, ’In fact, an internal analysis of app reviews on Google Play, we noticed that half of 1-star reviews mentioned app stability.’


So if you want rank high and get monetization, then focus on the performance of your app or game. Because no wants to experience with excessive battery usage, slow load time and crashes.


Are you a developer of an app??? Then head to Play Console and find the number of quality issues, which you can fix.


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Source: Developers Blog

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